Marry you, but i don’t love you_1

Marry you but i don’t love you

Somehow, the zipper was pulled up, and suddenly it seemed as if the car had no brakes, and it slammed to the end. The rest of the costumer stood awkwardly, staring blankly at the zipper with his hand.

Suddenly there was some sorrow in my heart.

The old man likes to talk about the idea, no matter what, the idea is not good.

The costumer asked if he could change one.

She said with affection, you see, it’s just arrived, it’s like the new French one-but I don’t want it.

I like this one, a pearly white satin wedding dress, long dresses sloshing like water.

The dressmaker was helpless, holding the yarn and looking for someone to fix it.

Sitting down bored, the skirts still worn on her body bulged.

The skirt is not whale bone, but two plastic rings that look like hula hoop.

The surface of the veil was flattened by pressing it.

  A sweet ringtone came from his cell phone.

It is he who has short messages.

Because he also changed clothes, he put his wallet key mobile phone in my bag, fearing that clothes hanging in the locker room would be unsafe.

Think about it, you don’t actually need to look at it, but wait around and take out his phone boringly.

Is a short message.

  ”Zuo Si.

Are you trying your dress.

Is she pretty?

Are you already testing your happy life?

“My heart moved, I don’t know why, I felt something, and replied:” I’m sorry.


How good.

It can be understood as, sorry, I have no time to reply, or the bride is not you, sorry.

  The reply came immediately.

It’s so resentful: “You said I love you, and I said I’m sorry.

Is it true that you love me or I am sorry?

Or is it all, but I love you is wrong?

There was a coldness in my heart, and I felt unreasonably unconscious, and the skin of my neck was cold.

Holding the phone in my hand, I slowly sweated in the palm of my hand.

no reply.

A short message came over there.

“Zuo Si, if loving you is wrong, I don’t do it right.

“Sweaty palms suddenly seemed to find free will, and his fingers smartly pressed the editor to send it to his cell phone.

That strange number.

The girl who doesn’t do it right.

  My wedding with Zuo Si was 31 days later, and our house has been renovated. For this wedding, I take a leave of absence to clean the goods every day, and my face is full of frost every day.

  The zipper is repaired.

The dressmaker gently zips up.The clothes fit like that, but the waist was slightly loosened, and the costumer fixed them with pins one by one, showing the perfect waistline.

  ”If I love you, it is wrong.

I don’t do it right.
“Zuo Si.

  Looking at himself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror, the consciousness suddenly blurred, and the costumer asked: okay?

I nodded blankly.

Then he came out, laughing, only joking: you are really beautiful.

He came over gently, and wanted to kiss my face, but he didn’t know why, his face was slightly off, and the kiss fell on his ear, a warm, itchy breath.

My heart hurts.

I do n’t know why, the tears fell, for a while, I could n’t stop, the costumer exclaimed, I know my makeup, my makeup must have been washed into a black one.

But I don’t care.

Zuo Si was still confused at the beginning, causing me to stop, suddenly I would not stop crying when I went over too suddenly, and I was impatient: what happened to you?

After taking time to take a picture, why do you look like this?

What wrong can’t stand?

  His shout seemed to pull me out of sorrow.

Suddenly burst into tears and started to pull the zipper hard, the costumer hurried over and helped me to the bottom.

Taking off my wedding dress, taking off my petticoat, wearing corset underwear and flat trousers, I stood in the small fitting room, my body shivering.

Zuo Si complexion is iron blue.

He thought I was suddenly crazy, or some evil fire ignited me and turned me into an unreasonable lunatic.

  Take out his wallet, keys, and mobile phone from the bag, and put them in his hands.

Wash your face and apologize to the makeup artist and costumer.

Put on your casual clothes.

Pick up the bag.

Zuo Si stared at me in astonishment.

He didn’t understand why.

I actually don’t understand why.

Three hours ago, we came in hand in hand and sat down. He watched the makeup artist apply foundation for me, put my hair on, brow and lip lines.

He smiled and looked at my colored face in the mirror and frowned at me, overjoyed.

Sometimes joy and sadness are just the front line, and heaven and hell are just a stone’s throw away.

  I am not the one who can bear it.

  Out of the wedding photography shop, Zuo Si did not chase it out.

He would probably change his gown, and, apologize.

According to his personality, he might book another time.

  ”Zuo Si.
If I love you is wrong.
I don’t do it right.
“I went home crying, and the taxi driver kept looking back from the mirror.

When the eyebrows were being made up, it was shaved close to nothing. He looked at me, but I was just a bleak, crying woman.

How did he know that I was about to get married, and then my husband said to others that I love you.

  Dad said, talk to Zuo Si.My mother said that she was getting married, why was she so persistent?

There is nothing to talk about.

Please send all the posts.

May be Zuo Si’s former girlfriend.

You talk to him.

I sat in the room and locked the door.

Bursts and bursts.

Then, open that short message again.

Looking at it, it seemed that it was not true. The mobile phone flew to the ground and made a crackling sound.

  Zuo Si was outside the door, and he began to knock gently, and he said sorry.

Mom also helped him to talk. Mom said we said Zuo Si.

Zuo Si was not intentional.

You come out.

Let Zuo Si explain.

I started to tremble.

Standing at the door, wondering whether to open the door.

  Stop again, pick up the phone on the ground, open the message, and dial.

The call went through.

I was so nervous that I couldn’t hold the phone.

But no one answered.

Ringing again and again, the ringing ringed in the ears.

No reply.

  Open the door.
Zuo Si said, I’m sorry, that’s a netizen.

She treats me well and likes me very much.

But I don’t like her.

Trust me.

We sometimes contact but just chat.


She has just been divorced, she is emotionally unstable, and she has done things and talked a little bit. Joking, I’m sorry, she didn’t mean it.

Zuo Si’s cold sweat ran down.

  I read: “Zuo Si.

If I love you is wrong.
I don’t do it right.
“Zuo Silian’s face looks like earth.

You know, I saw the dead once.

The man who died in the car accident was lying face-down on his face, and now Zuo Si’s face is like that.

His face was earthy and his mouth gazed.

We broke up.My father advised me that men sometimes have ambitions.

But that’s only temporary.

He will still return to you.

  That call never came back.

She won’t answer my call.

Maybe Zuo Si has warned her, maybe she is also sad to the one she loves and is about to marry someone else.

  After that day, Zuo Si and I started the Cold War.

Please post without correction, the wedding cart still seems to move forward in an orderly manner.

When we confirmed the menu, we all passed and politely determined the menu. I chatted with his mother.

His mother put a small diamond ring on my hand.

His mother likes me.

But Zuo Si was so cold.

  There was a trace of additive at both ends, and he was not half happy.

He always kept a polite smile in his face, but never looked at me.

For a while, I was dying to shred, please post and throw everything to his bones.

But thinking of the newly renovated house, the mortgage, the savings of these years, and the preservation of parents, suddenly held back.

  Love is a matter of two people, but marriage is a matter of two families.

  One day my mother said, go for a wedding photo.

When we passed together, we saw Zuo Si waiting uneasily, and when he saw me, he was obviously relieved.

He re-dressed and wore a wedding dress, and he was sitting beside him without talking.

When I wore a wedding dress, he changed his dress early.

Come over, two people stand in front of the mirror.

I noticed that his eyes were reddish suddenly, and he looked at me with mixed feelings.

When shooting, he made various poses from me and according to the requirements of the photographer. For a while, his mouth was close to my ears, warming his ears and stroking them.

He said.

At that moment, he hugged him with his backhand and leaned his face to his shoulder.

At the moment the photographer took the picture, it was the only one in the same pose that he designed, which did not appear according to his design.

That one was not mentioned later, nor was it contained in a photo book.

I secretly hid the photo, because I felt that only in that one, his expression was the most sincere, without a smile, even with some lost feelings.

  On the wedding day, the scene was grand and everyone was happy.

Dad is even drunk.

He was drunk too.

Friends have been making noises in the room, pulling him over to explain the love process, and singing karaoke hysterically together.

His cell phone is on the bed.

It’s closed.

It was hot and noisy outside, and I went back to the bedroom to remove my makeup.

  The phone suddenly rang.

I answer.

There was no sound on that end.Waited a few seconds and hung up gently.

  I was suspicious and dialed in again.

That end has been shut down.

Since reconciling with Zuo Si, I deleted that number, the message.

In order to forget those.

But this silent telephone, unfamiliar number, suddenly brought back some unpleasant memories.

Those memories are alive.

I thought that if I could forget it for nothing, who knew that those who had been in the memory all the time, and when there was something strange, it would break through.

After waiting for a while, the outside voice gradually became quieter.

I changed my clothes and went out. Sure enough, my friends started to leave one by one. This night was exhausted and finally came to an end.

Zuo Si authorized me, said with a smile, taking a bath together.

I push him.

Also laugh.

  Something hidden in my heart is my bone spur, but now that we have reached this point, noisy is also a day, the Cold War is also a day, and laughing is also a day.

He lowered his heart and lifted him into the shower room. Hot water poured, wet his face and his body still wearing clothes.

He laughed and reached over.

Suddenly I felt a little sad.

  As if something was destroyed.

Although still beloved, it is incomplete.

Power him, shed tears, Zuo Si is still laughing, he helped me wash the makeup of my arms.

He didn’t know I was crying.

  One week after my marriage, Zuo Si started to work because of work, and I stayed at home.

Sometimes he worked overtime and came back late, so I just ate something and slept first.

  It was a bit late and I was late, and he heard the sound of entering the door dimly, unwilling to get up, pretending to be asleep.

He went into the room and came over to look at me. His nose was itchy and he just wanted to turn around. He suddenly stood up and took out his mobile phone.

It turned out that he didn’t set the sound anymore, and his phone vibrated all the time.

He walked gently to the balcony to answer the phone.

  I got up and stomped over.

The balcony door was not fully closed, and he was afraid the sound would wake me up.

Don’t call me again.

I am married.

“I’m sorry.

I love you.
“Zuo Si’s voice suddenly had a nasal sound.

  ”You have to be good.

Don’t cry.

do not do that.

“Zuo Si has been comforting her.The sound is getting lower and lower.

  I started to stand, leaning against the door frame, and then I felt my legs were soft.

  Zuo Si hung up.

He stood on the balcony.

The wind was strong on the balcony, so he stood there.

After a while, he turned his side slightly, and he could see that he started sending short messages.

Then, shut down.

  My heart beat like a drum, and I quickly returned to bed.

Zuo Si opened the door and entered the house, then went to take a shower.

He never looked at me.

After taking a shower, I fell asleep on my back.

I have become accustomed to him embracing me all around, and suddenly found bitterly, jealous of me, so longing for him to hug himself at this time.

Even if it was sad for another person, how I wish he didn’t carry his body like that.

After a long time, Zuo Si began to have a nosebleed gently. He was tired from overtime and fell asleep immediately.

  Secretly, picked up his cell phone, and walked to the balcony.

Above is a saved short message before he can delete it.

He sent it to the woman.

  ”We love some people.

Married to someone else.

“The wind was strong on the balcony.

Thoroughly cold.

I didn’t know that I was in Zuo Si’s life, it turned out to be, some others!