suddenly,The phone in Ma Yan’s bag rang,She took a look,Chen Erniu called,She quickly connected。Chen Erniu on the phone asked loudly:“Have you finished?I will ask the driver to pick you up,Remember to drink less”

“no need,I have come out,Blocking a car on the side of the road,I’ll be back to the village in a while“Ma Yan finished,Hung up。Chen Erniu told her to drink less wine,But at this time it’s a bit late。
The five or six people who ate just now,All men,She is the only woman。To thank the technicians of Chenguang Animal Husbandry,Ma Yan drank too much by herself,I can’t blame others。
Thinking about it,Ma Yan is really unhappy in her heart。If Zhao Hong is still here,She’s not her turn in such a scene,She doesn’t have to rush forward。But when he thought of Xia Jian,She feels,She is worth it。
Because of wearing high heels,So Ma Yan didn’t get up quickly,Plus she walks and shakes three times,This speed is naturally a lot slower。
The main road from near People’s Park to Pingdu,It’s less than a kilometer。Ma Yan stop and go,I walked this way for more than ten minutes。
The sky is getting dark slowly,The street lights on the side of the road are also on。But Ma Yan felt that she had been away for a long time,Just can’t see which way she wants to go。
Ask passers-by,I knew I had gone astray,I seem to be really drunk。
Ma Yan is young and vigorous,There is a momentum for work。In the whole Xiping Village,Because of her outstanding ability,Not acting upright,It can be said that no one disobeys her。But she forgot,This is Pingdu。
Ma Yan shook her body,And there is no way back,But keep going along the wrong path。She muttered in her heart,All roads lead toBJ。
But what she didn’t expect was,The road gets narrower and narrower,And the street lights on both sides of the road are gone。It’s dark,Almost saw a pedestrian。Although Ma Yan is drinking too much,But her sanity is still sober。She is a girl,I’m not afraid that’s a lie。
Ma Yan supported the wall and stopped。It seems that all roads leadBJThis sentence is not reliable,She has to look back。Just when she turned her head was an instant,I just feel a pain in my head,I lost my intuition all at once。
Xia Jian accompanied Bai Xiaoru to drink beer at Cai Li’s restaurant,Bai Xiaoru didn’t let go after drinking until six o’clock。In Xia Jian’s memory,This woman doesn’t seem to be able to drink。But today she doesn’t know what happened,Not only can drink,And special。
Go to the toilet again and again,There are more than ten empty bottles beside everyone,Of course,This is for people who can drink,Not much。But Bai Xiaoru is a woman,Xia Jian drinking with her,I’m still a little uneasy。
“Xia Jian!Can you tell you,My Bai Xiaoru’s words always count。I will do it for you,But you have to drink well with me“Bai Xiaoru said,Raised the glass again。
Xia Jian looked anxious,He said quickly:“Miss Bai!I believe you。But this wine should be stopped now,Drink more,How can I go back to Donglin Township??“
“I’ll stop talking nonsense to me。You drank so much and want to drive back,Don’t go back,Dangerous to drive“Bai Xiaoru just finished saying this,The whole person suddenly climbed onto the table。Put the wine bottle on the table,Sprinkle cup,Two more plates fell on the ground.,And fell to pieces。
Cai Li hurried in when she heard the sound,She saw that Bai Xiaoru became drunk like this。She glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Get her to my bed!If you have no other ideas tonight,I will take care of her“
“idea?Other ideas?no!should not“When Xia Jian said this,,I also feel like I want to sleep。