Zhou Ye goes to the depths of the ward,He is going to sign now.17bed。

Originally according to the rules,You should check these words when you should get it.。
Who is Chen Riyuan is a Tianfeng Virgin expert?。
Really too busy,Expert outpatients often dozens of pathogens waiting for him,So these things are often dragging。
The little internship is attentive to help Zhou Ye17Bed door。
There is a small work, it is also very good.,Zhou Ye has a kind of immersion such an inexplicable happiness.。
Sure enough, people like being afraid of horses.!
Even me no exception!
Zhou Ye has a shameful smile。
Don’t be opened,This room only saw Li Shufeng alone.。
Originally lying on him, the old woman is like being sent to do it.。
Therefore, the room is empty。
“Hello,Some words here have to sign it.。”Zhou Niwu is very polite to Li Shufeng,And handed him to the consent。
I saw that Li Sifeng seems to have changed a person.,He actually pushed the hand of Zhou Yewu。
In the morning, I asked the medical history.,But not this?。
The impression of Li Sifeng gives Zhou Jiwu’s feeling is a person who is very followed.。
“Situation。”Small internship whispers behind Wenyu。
He speaks very fine,So you should be able to determine that only Zhou Ye can hear。
“what do you mean?”Zhou Ye is suddenly a bit cold。
He looked at Li Sifeng,It also brought a bit of anger。
Amazing in the morning,Did you refuse to treat now??
Zhou Ye has encountered this situation when I was intern.,So there is no panic that has not been panicked like a small internship behind you.。
At this time, I looked at Li Si Feng.,Already not angry。
“signature,Every patient must sign!”
And Li Shufeng exposed a bad laughter,“Let you come,I do not want to talk to you。”
NS7chapter Not awkward
Zhou Ye I listen to Li Shufeng’s tone,Just know that it seems that you are not trusted.。
Such situation,He didn’t have seen it!
Some patients are so excessive,In front of the director,I don’t even dare to put a fart.。
Director walks,Just a doctor below。
Just thinking that Zhou Ye, I should fight the dance,When I went to ask the director to go out,The next scene, let the small interns are stunned.。
I am in the treatment of the book when I am actually used.。