Celebrate the American Office of the Democracy: Just like the fire prevention meeting on the edge of the fire

The so-called "Democratic Summit" triggered to question international public opinion.

The "Toronto Star" is published on the 8th local time.

According to the latest survey, 80% of Americans denied that American democracy is a good model. The article says that the United States has a luxuriant democracy and hold the so-called "democratic summit" too much. In view of the challenges of US domestic democracy, a global seminar on democracy is now hosted in Washington, which is a bit like a fire prevention meeting next to the burning firewood furnace.

As the University of California is professor Hasen, the US democracy has entered an emergency, and the American democracy familiar to the people is about to end, but now not take urgent action to deal with risk. "Atlantic Monthly" is also warned in an article, and the US democratic crisis is coming.

The article is said that in 2021 (in the riot of Congress), the US President Trump said he won the 2020 election, and many "full deputy armed" Americans choosing violence. Since then, some Members have resolved the state law for the election, frequently rewriting state laws to limit who can vote, how to vote. It can be seen that when the United States can teach "democracy" to other countries, and almost everyone recognizes this. A survey released on the "Global Democratic Attitude" this week, 80% of Americans believe that the United States is not a good democratic model, or it has never been it; in addition, 85% of the United States People say that the US political system "needs to be thoroughly reform" or "requires major changes". "However, it is not all Americans who are willing to make changes." The article referred to the threat of the United States to each other to develop a US democracy. 68% of Republicans still believe that the current results are "from Triang Steal. At the same time, members of the Democratic Party also argue in the economic agenda, and this quarrel is likely to continue until the end of this year. The article pointed out that in view of the above, whether the US government will take the necessary actions to prevent the spread of the US own democratic crisis, it has to pay attention. (Overseas Network Yang Jia) (Editor: 婉 宜, Jiang Jie).