Qin Feng said coldly,His fists are also waving casually,If these people don’t want to say nothing,,He won’t force it。

Just something,No one can guarantee it。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter nine hundred and thirty four Want to fight to the death
“I said,I was placed on the black market this time,That person wants me to come here to kidnap this woman。”
“This is the photo。”
“We don’t know what the situation is,If you know this place,We dare not,We have 30,000 yuan this time。”
Those people are a little scared,They really didn’t know it would become like this。
Just know and don’t know,It doesn’t make much sense anymore。
Because this is Qin Feng’s site,They want to move Qin Feng,The result is doomed。
Qin Feng originally wanted peace,Not toss so many things,But these people are already the people around him,This is a fight to the death。
Qin Feng asked these guys to be sent to the police station,Then he took Jiang Yan home,Give Jiang Yan some comfort first。
After all, even if the thing just did not succeed,But Jiang Yan is also terribly afraid。
After comforting Jiang Yan,Qin Feng began to call Huang Junjie and Tianguang,Invite them over。
Qin Feng doesn’t care who the enemy is,He first deals with the guy he doubts。
of course,Qin Feng will not hide to kill people,It is also necessary for him to knock down his enemies。
These two big guys,How can you crush a little guy easily,As for another suspect,That was handled directly by Lin Qianqian,Anyway, those are the Lin’s mortal enemies。
Also, Mr. Lin has recovered,Some things don’t need to worry so much。
quickly,Both of them are already here,They also have a lot of things in their hands。