After all, Lin Yoona is even more beautiful,That’s someone else’s wife,I can’t eat it myself,If I think about Lin Yoona what I shouldn’t have,,If Liu Shanshan finds out,Just Liu Shanshan’s hot temper,I’m afraid he won’t get any good fruits, right。

and so,After Lin Yuna answered Song Haiyang’s question on behalf of Xiao Fan,,Song Haiyang just smiled wryly,Then he said:“OK then,In that case,Then Shanshan and I are going to leave before you,Oh,correct,Let’s leave a contact information for each other,So as not to,Fail to contact。”
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner looked at each other,After laughing,Lin Yoona took out her mobile phone and came to Liu Shanshan,And then said to Liu Shanshan:“Mr. Song Haiyang is right,We really need a way of contact,otherwise,In the later period,I’m really afraid of fulfilling the betting contract,Can’t find anyone?”
Song Haiyang heard what Lin Yuna said,And just now,Xiao Fan said exactly the same,Because the meaning of these two people’s words,It’s as if you are going to tell him Song Haiyang,The two of them won the bet,But Song Haiyang is still defeated。
With this woman’s arrogant attitude as Xiao Fan,Song Haiyang also felt unhappy in his heart。
After he saw that Liu Shanshan and Lin Yuner had already added contact information to each other,Song Haiyang’s face sank,Then pull over Liu Shanshan,Didn’t even say a word,And walked directly to his proud BMW。
Liu Shanshan is different from Song Haiyang,She still likes Lin Yoona and Xiao Fan very much.,Although this is the first time Liu Shanshan has met Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan today,but,For the same passion for charity,People who are willing to contribute to the heart-warming home,Liu Shanshan likes it very much,Also very willing to make friends with them。
and so,When Liu Shanshan was pulled into the car by Song Haiyang,,Liu Shanshan turned around,To Lin Yoona:“Yoona,Then the two of us will leave first,right now,We have contact information,I can contact frequently in the future!”
Finished,Liu Shanshan also raised her phone to Lin Yuner。
Lin Yoona smiled and nodded,Knowing that Song Haiyang took Liu Shanshan and turned a detour,After both of them can’t see anymore,Lin Yuner only then took away her gaze following Liu Shanshan。
Chapter 297 Why against him
at this time,Xiao Fan said to Lin Yuner:“Yoona,Since the two of them are gone,Let’s go too!”
“OK!”Lin Yuner smiled and replied。
Lin Yuner didn’t expect Xiao Fan to be as knowledgeable as Song Haiyang,then,Just ask Xiao Fandao:“Xiao Fan,Why are you making such a bet with Song Haiyang??”
Xiao Fan answered with a smile:“Of course it is to win more donations for the warm heart home.!”
“Oh?Then I want to hear it,Why did you and Song Haiyang make such a bet?,Can win more donations for the heart-warming home?”
“Yoona,We still go,Just talk,After all, I always stand at the door of the warm home,This is not a good thing either,is not it?”Xiao Fan said with a smile。