“Hey,You hurry up,I have something to find you,I have something very important for you。”

Liu Shuhao on the other end of the phone can’t stand this Xiao Fan,He hates being disturbed by others while sleeping。
If Xiao Fan stood beside him now,He has an urge to choke Xiao Fan to death。
But Xiao Fan is not by his side,He can only be angry with the phone now。
He threw the phone on the cabinet,And said lazily:“You are really too weak to see。”
“You know I love to sleep late,You actually call me at this time,How important are you?”
“I don’t care how important you are,As long as it’s not threatening your life,That’s not a big deal,Let’s talk about it when I wake up。”
Liu Shuhao hung up the phone。
Then turn over and continue to sleep。
“Nine-Nine Daughter Red,Always drunk in my heart。Nine-Nine Daughter Red,Sprinkle to the north and south,Nine-Nine Daughter Red,Buried for eighteen winters……”
Liu Shuhao’s bell ringed through his bedroom again,His only idea now is to pinch the caller to death。
He really can’t hear the ringing of this phone,He can’t bear it anymore,then,He picked up the phone and shouted:“Xiao Fan,I said you have something wrong?”
“You are really annoying。”
Chapter nine hundred and sixty four Planning a surprise