“Yes!good idea!”Butterflies are very happy,Sighed and said:“Just now I laughed at my parents’ energy decline in the past two years,I’m so young that I have to rely on the atmosphere to brew feelings?”

“temporary、temporary。”Chen Wenjin had no choice but to comfort him。
“Then you should help,look,One week is obviously not enough,Or extend our relationship?”Butterfly asked carefully,And sternly said:“Don’t get me wrong,I’m not in love with you,Although I temporarily overestimated myself on that issue,But I’m still very firm in a non-negotiable attitude,This can’t be wrong!do not worry。I think it will take two more weeks,Up to one month,Sure to solve all problems!”
“Okay。”Chen Wenjin promised so readily,But Butterfly was a little surprised,Can’t help but ask him:“You have no conditions or anything?So happy?Are you in love with me?”
“You are so pretty and cute,Of course I like you。”Chen Wenjin finished,Eating rice noodles,He thinks the butterfly should understand,In fact, Butterfly also noticed his words,But still said with joy:“Hum hum!I knew it,As good as me,It’s easy to attract you。I’m afraid to get along longer,You will be fascinated by me from now on。”
“Of course it is possible。”Chen Wenjin’s happy looking at the butterfly,But even more suspicious that she can’t even do things that don’t talk about love。But if so,Chen Wenjin is also mentally prepared,I’m not afraid。
Usually go to the cinema,You should watch horror movies at this time,But butterflies are not interested in that type,I have been exposed to many bizarre cases since I was young,It’s not weird to understand some strange things after solving the mystery,So I don’t believe in things like strange power and chaos at all。
Butterflies watched,Sigh:“I didn’t want to watch a romantic movie,But you look,Nothing good,Action movie is too fake,Horror movies are more fake,Literary movies are too boring,Funny movies are not as boring as stars,I can only watch romance movies,Stupid is more fun than fake, right?”
“I belong to the audience of all types of matches,up to you。”Chen Wenjin bought the ticket,Popcorn and Coke。
Two people found after entering the venue,No one。
There is no one at this time on Sunday?
Although it’s a meal,But this theater is too deserted。
Chen Wenjin didn’t feel strange after sitting down,The chair is quite worn,I still feel a little dull inside,He wouldn’t want to come to this experience a second time。
Two people eating popcorn,Drinking coke,Watched a movie,Butterfly’s hands suddenly became restless。
Chapter Eighty One Spiritual guidance
Butterflies are suddenly upset,Chen Wenjin couldn’t help but say seriously:“Watch the movie seriously,Looking at four zero four overhead!”
“What four zero four?I don’t care,This is not guilty,Want to compensate you!”Butterflies do not listen,At this moment,Four, zero, four and three characters suddenly lit up on the movie screen,Only surprised the butterfly,Immediately asked with a bewildered look:“What is four zero four??”