So till now,Su Rou is all alone,Take my horse

Is Zhan,But won’t ask me to give her anything,Even do something。
these years,I always think I owe her。”Qin Feng said without concealment。
“So what do you think,Let her be your lover?”Qin Xibei asked。
“I do not know either,I persuaded her,But it seems useless。”Qin Feng said with a wry smile。
“Then you leave them all by your side,Won’t your little wife be angry?”Qin Xibei Question。
“Didn’t you find that they get along well??”Qin Feng said with a smile。
“That’s because Jiang Yan doesn’t know yet,They like you,If you know,Will it still be like this?”Qin Xibei asked back。
“You really think so?”Qin Feng didn’t answer directly,But asked back。
“Is it,She already knows?”Qin Xibei asked incredulously。
“Although Yanyan is young,,But I’ve been in the mall for so many years,The person,See,Countless。
It can be said that sometimes people’s eyes,She can see what’s going on,Not to mention having been together for so long,Would she not know,It’s just that no one said it broke。”Qin Feng still smiled bitterly。
“oh,mygod!You mean Yanyan acquiesced?”Qin Xibei looked at Qin Feng in disbelief。
“I do not know,I only know that they get along very harmoniously,of course,I don’t want to ask more,Women have a woman’s way of getting along,I’d better not participate。”Qin Feng lights a cigarette,Sucked up?
“I know your kid has this charm。”Qin Xibei said excitedly。
“charm?”Qin Feng shook his head,Self-deprecating。
“Yes,If it’s not personal charm,How could they all like you,and,Others don’t say,Jiang Yan and Su Rou,Are all top women。
And you don’t even know,They are not the kind of nympho women,Not to like someone because of their appearance,If it is an ordinary woman,Maybe you can fool you in just two sentences。
But no matter how they look,Still status,All impeccable,I’m going to say that someone has a crush on you,Forgivable。