I don’t know if what he said to Yu Zhe had an effect,The other party never came back these days“Harass”,Maybe you really chose to give up。

No matter what,Some are moving in a good direction,I just don’t know how long this relatively peaceful day will last,Once the twilight wakes up,I don’t know how much trouble she will cause。
Think about six years ago,Although only one side,But this woman did leave him a very deep impression,That impression is not good or bad,I just think she is a little different。
The thirteenth day after the explosion,The private doctor he sent to check the situation as usual,Before leaving, asked repeatedly about the situation of Shiguluo,The doctor just said,Her physical condition is now stable,But it’s not easy to say whether you can wake up,Maybe days, months or even years。
Zheng Ye bids farewell to the doctor,,Back to the room staring at the woman on the hospital bed。
Her face is not astonishing,Ordinary face that you can’t find in the crowd,Maybe because of a coma for too long,The whole person looks thinner,Although it looks like this now,But there seems to be that arrogance in the eyes,Same as she was still young six years ago。
He once again remembered the scene of catching her threat with Lin brother six years ago,A person who would rather die than submit,If you know that all your life now depends on the machine,Will you feel humiliated?。
Just live without dignity……
Zheng Ye don’t know why,Suddenly such a sentence flashed in his mind,Staring at Shi Muluo and the instruments connected to her was a little lost。
An instant,He feels his brain is out of control,The woman in front of me and the shadow of his former lover seem to overlap,The same explosion,The same conspiracy,The difference is,His lover had a brief moment of consciousness。
She knows her condition,Smiling and persuading Zheng Ye not to continue the treatment,She’s only alive if she lives like this,No feelings and no dignity,What’s the difference between being dead。
That was the last time she spoke soberly,I never wake up again。
Zheng Ye thought about those words carefully,He was suffering inside,If the role changes now,It’s him in bed,I will definitely give up without hesitation,He knows the truth,But he faced his most cherished lover。