However, Su Saki is still Li Dafu and Bai Xiu,Item of another entrance,Is in a high giant tree。

Opened on the dark door on the tree,The inside is a deep-down one channel。
“Little girl,Cook and this old man is old,Law, let you go on the palm light.。”Li Dadu said granted。
“I am old for a loss.,I am only 38 this year.。”Bai Xian is young and ten years old.。
Su Sakura is not much,I don’t wait Li Dao to let her put her back.,I have already grabbed the only hanging rope jumped.。
Li Dadei wants to do not want,Directly to eradicate the rope he believes in the smart smart,If there is no rope, you will definitely fall.,She will not jump so much.!
Just listen to the following excitement and screaming,Then it is a tiger
Li Dali and Bai Xian have seen each other.,Staring at the other side and jumping down who is also willing to be half a minute in front!Diagonally。
Sure enough, the three or four fees fell to the ground,And around the foot、Candlelight that fell in the earth,You can see a big tiger that is white.,Zhengfei is defeated!
When Su Ying fell,It’s going to look at it.,However, Li Dadu and Bai Xinde,This old tiger is hesitant to hesitate,Wait until Li Daizu will embarked the knife on the ground.,This tiger is actually awkward,Slightly retreats half a step。
Ghost,Tiger is also。
Especially in front of this tiger, although it looks large.,Virtual,But look carefully,Iron chain with neck,Put on the front stone door。
At this time, Shimen opened,I saw a light head wearing a tiger skin.:“Sui female,How to bring guests,Don’t say ahead in advance?”
“Hahaha,Uninvited,Bai Mountain Don’t blame!”Li Daizu said。
certainly,Bai Mountain is not Dongpu,It is the Tiger Phase of the Two Stars,Surname、Self-motion,So this call。
“kindness?But Li Daozuo without eating people?”Bai Mountain does not recognize him,But this temperament,I feel it.。
I am afraid, I am not afraid.,The difference between the two stars is relatively large.,Old monster Dragon is not counted、The hardest thing that is nothing to tent,Other ten-phase average strength and ten wicked people are almost。
White Mountain’s war,In today’s 12 stars,Second only,At least the blood hand Du is a one,Beap、Bai Kaixin is also strong。
And White Mountain is not a good man,Professional robber,Handfast debt is tired,I don’t eat personal meat, I can scare.。
Just now this file,Top ten wicked people don’t know why、How much is it?,It is inevitable that you can’t rest assured。
“Not bad,Just is a cook,As for this, it is the family of Bai Mountain.,White is also。Just our coming to pay attention to Mr. Wei,It happened to see Su Tian and her intention in the bed. This girl is so hot.,We are thick face,Come help her!”Li Dafu said that he is too hot and not too big.。
Bai Mountain is already surprised to see Sakura’s understanding,Wei Laowa knows,Su Sakuo has an intention,Will definitely catch up to death!
If it is found in bed,That’s afraid, I will get to death along with Su Yaki.
And Bai Mountain Jun naturally knows Su Sakuo,This woman is the heart of iron.,The whole monster of the old mock,Have a heart?
Now Li Daozui、White heart is here,Bai Mountain can also guess,Among them!
“Oh?Since this,Su Ni girl, come over.!”Bai Mountain,Put the Sakura。
However, Li Dadu is a long eucalyptus knife.,Bai Mountain Jun,Bai Mountain will be aware of,Sleeve“Bamboo”Bulk claw,Hand over your right hand,Claw knife collision is full of strength
Chapter 982 plot
After the body is the two wicked people in Baishan Jun and Tiger,The strength is swept on the stone wall,Shocking slightly slag
A burst of collision and calling,Su Sakuo!
Although it is back to Chu Deirers,But I am a short,Direct around the battle、Open the stone door agency。
“Thank you, white brother, help me block them.!”Su Yaki fled、While shouting。
Baishan Jun called her niece,She called her brother.
See the Sakura Law is so fast,Bai Mountain Jun and two wicked people also surprised,Even if the two wicked people and Su Chiko have been exposed to,From previous observation,Nor did it see that Su Yaku is still hiding。
certainly,In fact, it is not Su Sakuo to eat pigs.,But at this time, the Chu Deirers took the left and right winds behind.、There is also three acupoints of hearts,Connected to these three acupoints in Su Cai
One stock is inherently influent into the soda,She did not resist,Suddenly, the spirit is really in the Chu deer.,Pour into Su Cerendry。
Su Yak is just relaxing legs,Fortunately!
actually“Zhou Beijun”This is already some sundestro. This is not a slightly powerful people in the rivers and lakes.,You can do things。
Don’t look at the Chu Deirers a few years ago.,But this is the skill of heavy in a variety of gangli secrets.,And now this is more than the dolphin running method。