Constantly challenge stronger enemies,To continuously break through。

Xiao Qingzhuo’s temperament is stronger than before。
Or,The blood of the sacred dragon is flowing in its bones,Not succumbing to setbacks,Even if I was thrown from Longya by my brother,Not afraid of powerful enemies,Even if you know your cultivation base is not as good as your opponent,Never back down easily!
Zhu Minglang is also hesitating。
Down to top,This is a big disparity。
But probably got rid of the broken dragon,Got a chance to be reborn,Xiaoqingzhuo changed his past weakness and low self-esteem,That noble blood is combined with the proud bones,Can clearly feel its desire to become stronger!!
Yes,Xiaoqingzhuo desires to be strong!
Challenge stronger enemies,It’s not pretentious,But to cherish this rebirth!
Not growing comfortably after having a higher bloodline and talent,But constantly surpassing their own limits in adversity!
Just because it was a broken dragon。
I know the value of this perfect body!
the most important is,Xiao Qingzhuo doesn’t want to disappoint Zhu Minglang。
Not all dragon shepherds,Are willing to use a precious spiritual covenant,Bet on your future,To save yourself this kind of broken dragon。
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First382chapter Nimbus Dragon