“That seems to have been lost for a long time.”

The masters of the two gods come back to life,The two of them had a good understanding and chose to escape for the first time,Didn’t even tell the other party。
One south and one north,The archmage Ding Shan and the high defense warrior Ding Yue escaped separately,None of them have the courage to stay,Try the nightmare-like knife just now!
“Want to escape?Can you escape?”Lu Menglin is angry,Take a leap,The next second is already in the air。
The great mage Ding Shan was very anxious,What I think is that I just need to make a distance,You can use the magic that moves quickly,No matter how strong the hero Lu is,I can’t catch up with myself。
But I didn’t expect,After the great mage Ding Shan flew for a while,I want to use the shortest time to recite the teleport spell,I don’t know that someone’s gloomy voice came over my head。
“you are too slow!”Lu Menglin’s voice has not fallen,Open your big hand directly,Condescending,Pinched Ding Shan’s head with five fingers。
Under this pinch,Ding Shan only felt terrible pain in his head,Like to be crushed by that life。
And what frightened him even more was,My mana seemed to be blocked in an instant,Like a truncated river,Dry directly,I can’t use any strength。
Lu Menglin didn’t talk too much nonsense,Just carrying Ding Shan,Flew towards the head of the city of steel。
Under the wall,Mao Yongfei and Ding Yue are fighting together。
The two are equal,It’s hard to distinguish between。
The most important thing is that Ding Yue’s defense is too high,And what Mao Yongfei has is the power of the mutant white rhino bloodline,The attack is dominated by internal shock,Lack of effective means of killing。
Can only stop him,Haunt him,But not enough to kill him!