of course,Lyon, the deputy head, is also very happy,After all, it was just a day in the wild,Don’t say Wright returned the balance—Three eight-level monster cores worth 1.5 million gold coins,Even if it’s just a deposit,Have already made a lot of money。500,000 gold coins a day,This business is very, very worthwhile。

Wright’s second stop is the Geer Chamber of Commerce。Geer Chamber of Commerce confirmed Wright’s identity,Even more enthusiastic than when I was persecuted,And Wright came to spend money to get some information from the Geer Chamber of Commerce,Of course, he will pick it up when he returns to the imperial capital;two,It means to praise the manager of Fez,In his wicked name for carrying the big blue castle,It can be regarded as a return to the Fez manager.。
The third stop is naturally Blue Fort,Urge the Horace family to publicly execute their predecessor Earl as soon as possible,Watching these Horace family members or gnashing their teeth,I want to kill myself but dare not move at all,Wright feels pretty good。
And other remote branches that don’t feel the glory of the Horace family,And Leslie·Some guards and maids who have nothing to do with Horace,On the contrary, he was curious and admired Wright!
Someone was even slapped by Wright yesterday,The eighth-level powerhouse with a swollen face respects Wright。
Pack your bags,Stay till the fifth day,Especially under Wright’s daily supervision,Leslie·Horace was publicly executed,Also put to death include‘One-eyed Jafar’Eleven people including this traitor。Leslie·There is still a coffin after Horace’s death,and‘One-eyed Jafar’Can only be thrown into the mountains of Warcraft and eaten by warcraft。
Of course the Horace family is also inevitably dull,And Wright’s deeds are more popular,Some people don’t believe,Someone admires,Of course there are also fears!
And for Wright and his family and friends,But an enemy was killed,Except for a sigh of relief,Especially the big disciple Little Dia who was freshly unearthed by Wright·Cape,Seeing that two people who killed their father and enemy were executed,The gloomy little face seems to relax a lot。
Chapter Twenty Return to the Imperial Capital and Buy a House
Wright can move people quickly,A group of six,Xiao Hei can still sit on her back。If you run with all your strength,It’s not a problem to reach the Emperor。
To take care of Dia’s mother and son and sister Tina,Wright no longer walked from the edge of Warcraft,But a detour to the red earth continent,Go all the way south,Passing through the province of Brora,Geza Province finally reached Central Bank Province。
It’s actually the route that Wright left from Fallen Dragon Castle back then!
But Wright has other ideas,After all, father and mother are okay,I’ve been on the mainland。But sister Tina and apprentice Dia have never been out of Lanfeng County,And I don’t expect much chance to leave the imperial capital for a long time,You can take a look around,Anyway, he and the three-headed monster protect him,Still relatively safe。
Northland Province,Wright accompanied his family to admire the scenery of the North Sea,The North Sea is boundless,Look far,I saw a vast expanse of white.The sea and the sky become one。Near the shore,The waves hit the rock wall。
Laterite,The Wrights set foot on the highest mountain in the mainland—Nadipan Mountain,Watching the sunrise from the top of Nadipan Mountain!Thick waves of clouds,Clear sky,Looming stars。The ruddy and majestic round sun rises from the horizon!