Immediately,Lingju looked at Jingpu excitedly and smiled:

“That senior,What am i doing?”
Looking at Lingju’s smile,Jingpu was speechless for a while,What a beautiful girl,A pity to be a fool,Do you think you just sit here and drink tea?,Why have to go to work……
finally,Jingpu thought about it,Suddenly raised his eyebrows:
“otherwise,You bake some tea,Anyway,We will drink it later。”
Lingju nodded excitedly immediately:
“That tea?”
Immediately Jingpu Road:“In the jar on the shelf in my study,You take some out。”
Lingju nodded and just wanted to leave,Suddenly, Jingpu saw something like a gossip plate hanging around Lingju’s waist.,Immediately,Jingpu was a little curious:
“You are?”
Lingju was taken aback,When I looked back when I saw Jingpu looking at the small formation of the Lord of Armies hanging around his waist,It is solved immediately,Hands to Jingpo Road:
“Is a formation。”
Jingpu took it and looked carefully,And Lingju immediately walked towards the house in Jingpu,Go get tea。
Jingpu looked at it for a while,I found it was not a gossip array,Jingpu is still a bit disappointed,I thought I could see something familiar to me in this other world。
Ready to be put in Jingpu,When I’ll give it back to Lingju。
Jingpu suddenly noticed that there was a button,Curious click。