Detoxifying and Brightening Yoga Three Points

Detoxifying and Brightening Yoga “Three Points”

Yoga is definitely the best way for modern people to soothe the mind and body and soothe the nervous mind. The combination of skin and yoga extends the power of beauty indefinitely, helping your skin cells adjust to the most natural and healthy state, creating perfection.
  In this busy era, tangible and intangible pressures are accompanied by shadows. Both the mind and the skin are devastated. As the saying goes, “the skin is the best response to the mind.” More and more people are paying more attention to themselves.Find the best way to adjust your mind and skin to perfection.
  肌肤瑜伽排毒点亮肤色  肌肤瑜珈第一式–调息  肌肤与瑜珈的结合是以净心作为肌肤细胞复活的要点,当你的心灵进入到环境的宁静状态中时,情绪立即得到平复,放松, The feeling of happiness spontaneously emerges, the inner “self” presents confidence and satisfaction, and confidence and satisfaction are a powerful driving force for the skin’s vitality. Therefore, adjusting the breath to the best state is the first step to obtain beautiful skin.
  音乐–聆听来自音符的力量  有一个很有趣的说法,说古人将“聽”字如此设计,是想表达听其实是需要“十四颗心加上一个耳”的,没有用到心和耳, It is not enough to “listen”.
The melody that is heard is beautiful, the melody that is not heard is more beautiful. When the musical notes are introduced into the heart through the ear, the sound deep in the soul is stirred, that is the power that music brings to us.
Prepare your skin for relaxation, place yourself in slow and melodious music, focus the power of your heart on your ears, and the inner pulse will automatically adjust the rhythm and be directly introduced to the bottom of the skin, activating the kinetic energy of the cells, activating,Repairs damaged and aging cells and restores radiance to the sound of music.
  Fragrance-Pure meditation in nature. Fragrance itself is a pleasant experience. The essential oil is used for various purposes to help the body’s internal balance and restore harmony, while improving the skin condition.
From the moment we inhale the aroma, the spirit of the plant essence begins to nourish our body and mind.
There are many ways to feel the natural aroma from plants. Aromatherapy and inhalation are considered to be the most effective way to soothe the nerves and adjust the breath.
  How to do Inhalation method: Add a drop of frankincense oil and juniper essential oil in a small basin of water, mix thoroughly, then immerse a thin absorbent cloth in water, wring it on the forehead and cover the eyes, relax and lie down, count from 1 to 8Breathe slowly and deeply. Pause the breath to 4 and count from 1 to 6. Exhale air from your mouth.
Repeat 5 times to clear your mind, keep your heart rhythm steady, and keep your body and mind in optimal condition.
  Aromatherapy method: The aromatherapy method can not only condition the skin and relieve stress, but the aromatherapy can make the home smell of flowers and plants and enjoy the forest air bath.
But note that different aromatherapy essential oils have the same effect.
Bergamot calms anxiety, refreshes, refreshes, and brightens the mood, while calming.
Magnolia essential oil can promote blood circulation, talk about pores, shiny skin, and make people calm.
As a beginner, lavender, sweet orange oil and rose oil are all good choices.
  Bathing method: Bathing is a good way to let your body vomit, and help to eliminate the garbage from the skin and the body, and easily get relaxed.
You can drop 8-10 drops of lavender essential oil into the bathtub, so that the essential oil is evenly immersed in the water, so that the body is completely immersed in the water, the essence of the essential oil penetrates deep into the skin through the pores, and the temperature of the hot water can stimulate the regeneration of the cells and is more helpful吸收,减轻身体和精神上的压力  烛光–光影的温暖力量  面对生活压力和社会竞争,你也许会说人情冷漠,温暖的感觉越来越少。It’s time to turn off all the lights and light a few candles in the dark. The orange-red candlelight can make you feel powerful warmth and happiness in the dark.
Psychologists have found through research that the inner warmth and happiness will help the body reduce pain and regulate immunity, and maintaining the balance of body and mind is the best way to ensure health and beauty.
  The second form of skin yoga-detoxification and yoga-the essence of yoga is breathing. You can stretch your body in one breath and breathe in a qualitative manner.
In fact, your skin also needs “breathing meditation” to discharge toxins and purify the skin, making it transparent and hydrated, like a new life.
  排毒,排毒,重中之重  外在环境恶化使人体内的天然酵素解毒系统无法正常工作,另外像工作过度、心理压力、生活作息不正常、饮食不平衡等可导致细胞制造出更多的废弃Materials, causing the circulation of dermal tissue fluid to be impaired, interrupting the nutrient delivery between the dermis and the epidermis.
The epidermal cells cannot absorb the gas and the required nutrients, they will lose their original vitality and regeneration ability, and the skin will appear dull, dull and even lose their elasticity.
  When the above abnormal conditions appear on the skin, “enhancing moisturizing” is usually taken as the focus of maintenance.
However, dermatologists now find that simply moisturizing is not enough for the skin. The skin is like a dirty pool. If you don’t filter it, you will repeatedly inject water, and the skin will still be dull and opaque.
过滤即是帮助肌肤排毒,应该把排毒作为肌肤保养的首要工作  Step1:去除角质  厚重的角质是造成肌肤黯淡的直接原因,有些产品有“第一次搽就有效”的感觉,其实就是因为含有去The horny ingredients instantly make the skin appear transparent.
  Step2: Promote microcirculation: If the skin is not active enough to absorb nutrients from skin care products, even the best skin care products are just a psychological comfort.
Therefore, choosing skin care products that activate skin cells, promote skin metabolism, and microcirculation while combining appropriate massage techniques can achieve a maintenance effect that is twice as effective.
  Step3:补充氧气  外界环境中的废弃物如果过多地积聚在肌肤的真皮层中,就会导致淋巴循环受损,肌肤的微循环不畅,供给细胞的氧气和氧分不足,最终导致肌肤丧失The vitality becomes dry and dark yellow.
Many brands have chosen green tea as an essential ingredient to achieve anti-oxidant effects. Studies have shown that green tea extract has a strong antioxidant effect and can resist external skin damage.
  Detoxifying TIPS: Detoxifying Detox at anytime and anywhere. Easy to wash and detoxify your face: first wash your face with warm water, then rinse with cold water for 30 seconds, then wash with warm water, and then rinse with cold water.
The cold and hot face washing method can promote blood circulation and is a little trick to promote detoxification.
  Bath salts filter skin toxins: Bath salts bathing methods that were once popular in Japan not only had magical slimming effects, but also had a good detoxifying effect.
Frequent bathing with natural coarse salt and massage at the same time can help promote the circulation and metabolism of skin cells and accelerate the excretion of waste from the body.
  Self-Lymphatic Massage: Focus on the axillary, clavicle, face and interauricular junctions with more lymph, first slowly and deeply massage from both sides of the nose to the ear, and then slowly from the forehead along the side of the faceSlow down to the collarbone to complete detoxification of the face.
Remember, you must press along the texture of the skin, 3 times a week, after each cleansing of the face, apply lotion and detox products.
Do not apply pressure without applying any moisturizing products to avoid damage to the skin.  Conditioning habits: For modern people who are accustomed to nightlife, it is not easy to change their lifestyles overnight. However, the frequent lack of sleep and the irregular diet will naturally damage the skin and cause premature aging.For beautiful skin, timely adjustment of work and rest time, to develop good sleeping habits, but the natural recipe for beauty.

  Eating fungi: Fungi, especially shiitake mushrooms and black fungus, have functions of cleaning blood and detoxifying.

  Drink fresh juice: eat fresh vegetables often.

Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables without cooking are “cleansers” in the human body, which can remove toxins and waste accumulated in the body.

  Bean soup: Bean soup helps excrete various toxicants in the body and promotes metabolism in the body.

  Eat more vitamins: Eat more foods containing various vitamins to absorb oil.