Behind the red, "temporary food" supervision needs to "upgrade"

● According to 1% inventory precipitation, my country’s temporary commodities are tens of millions of scale, and there is a publicization, transparent, transparent, and have a resource optimization configuration of semi-finished ingredients, reducing its flow into the catering industry. Gray supply chain ● At the same time of the hot food, the packaging is unqualified, and the supply is unknown, and it is good to be charged.

Many temporary food lists include not only famous brand products, more net red explosions, import goods, e-commerce tail goods and small workshop products. , More favorable punishment measures recently, temporary food topics are unfunction: young people buy temporary food to reduce waste of 10 billion, and the scale of the dysfunction will exceed 20 billion yuan.

Behind the 20 billion markets, the industry is standardizing that the supply of supply and shelf life, and the problem of warranty period, and the attention of the external world has also triggered the attention of the outside world.

China Women’s newspaper full media reporter investigation found that temporary goods, discount special store quietly, in major shopping malls, street shops and even large warehouses, temporary sale is chailing, brandening expansion, attracting public attention.

Recently, the reporter entered a special sale warehouse in Beijing Daxing District. He first saw the discount of the discount, which was in the most conspicuous position of 1 to 3 months of the shelf life. Buy one get one free, a cup of milk tea yuan, the convenient face is a bucket, all to two to two folds.

Even if there is a non-conventional product, the price advantage in the special sale is also very obvious, the ordinary bulk Dove chocolate original price yuan, folding Yuan, Da Yong peach juice and Le Kefuku juice and other imported drinks, all below the flagship store price 15% ~ 30%, in the cleaning supplies area, the popular Weilis toilet price is only yuan, and it is also lower than the merchants and online prices. The tailor-selling food retail economy temporary food store operator told reporters that the sale of food retail models in the near future, usually there are two types of business, one is the main teaching food, direct speaking or agents Food inventory or cargo stream position, near the store, hilarity in the form of warehouse sale, large-scale sale; second, the main brand sale, many products with the same paragraph, will be as low as eight to 50%, and the temporary food is only part.

It has always been a conventional technique with low-cost promotion methods, but is formed in a general trend of scale, specialization, and supply. It has been a germination in recent years.

Yang Xiaomei, professor, professor, professor of the Party School Economics of the Communist Party of China, believes that one of the direct reasons for the hot sale of the temporary commodities is the lyncholic pressure caused by the epidemic, and the inventory pressure is large, causing the food global supply chain to be blocked.

The general mall is limited to the dosing date, and many products exceeds one-third of the shelf life, in fact, these foods are still in the neat supply. She believes that the temporary sale is effectively solved the current supply and marketing dilemma. On the one hand, it avoids waste of safety foods, and eliminates these foods through other supply channels, and then returns to the possibility of pollution; on the other hand, temporary The special sale is rich, diversified, and the resource aggregation is remarkable, breaking a single business super monopoly mode, bringing consumers to have a high cost-effective product, and well-low-end consumption people. According to 1% inventory precipitation, my country’s temporary commodities are tens of billion, and there is a publicization, transparent, transparent, and transparent configuration of semi-finished ingredients, and reduce its gray supply chain into the catering industry. At the same time, the development of online channels is also accelerating the distribution of temporary commodities. The reporter found in Taobao, spelled more and other e-commerce platforms, and the new food wholesale business is hot, and many of the large-recognized snacks, such as pastries, puffed food, and halogenated foods are more than two or more. Many middlemen publish source messages through shake, fast hands, small red books, and all kinds of temporal APPs to find the following home. According to statistics, Weibo’s temporary food hot topic reading volume has exceeded 100 million; search for tertian food on the B station, about more than 150,000 video playback volume; Little Red Book related notes about temporary food There are nearly 1500 articles & hellip; & hellip; online salesperson told reporters that there is a good sales in the temporary food, and even more than positive commodities, a large part of the reason is that young groups are sought after. Because the price is low, young people tend to pack their purchase and hoard a lot of snacks. According to the "2020 China Terministic Food Industry Market Analysis and Consumer Research Report", China’s temporary food consumption group is mainly young and young, including% of the age of 26 and 35. To the temporary food supermarket or online selection of conventional food, has become a hot spot in the consumption of middle and young people.

The temporary food is more demanding that there is also a packaging that is unqualified, and the supply is unknown, and the source is not met.

The reporter learned that many temporary food lists not only include well-known brand products, more net red explosions, import goods, e-commerce tail goods and small workshop products, and users who have purchased experience, if there is a brand with big business super book Food, buy more assured, but there are some hoss products in the food store belong to the production of small workshops, the food packages are rough, the taste is poor, and the material production is also doubt.

According to industry insiders, some three or four lines cannot enter the business super, and the online brand recognition is difficult to increase sales, and the way to use temporary sale, the effect is good. The middlemen earn two differences in the teper sales, with a very low price, from the manufacturer, the manufacturer is large, and the sales is slightly sold, and the profit is sometimes higher than the general food wholesale, which also opened new sales for many small manufacturers.

The reporter found that in the tepense food store, there have been many three-four lines of brand food. This kind of brand is difficult to see in the general shopping mall and the store, many consumers say they are not familiar, have never seen, will they buy these products? Consumers have different statements, mainly watching product reputation and taste demand.

Liu Wei, Vice President of the Capital Health Nutrition Food Society, National Registered Nutrition (Technical) Teacher Liu Wei believes that for some newly defective, consumers should be careful. Like a low temperature refrigerated food, once the low temperature environment, there is a possibility of expiration in advance, it is easy to breed bacteria; some imported foods, packaging components are large, such as nuts, oil content is relatively rich, if packaging defect, oxidation value is easy to exceed Produce a halit, and it is not suitable for consumption. She suggested that consumers are best not to buy or buy less, don’t buy less than low prices. Because each food is large, consumers can only understand the property of food to make rational judgments, the general principle is to buy brand classes, can trace the source can check the true pseudo, the shelf life is longer, can be stored at room temperature, within the time limit Food types with smaller metamorphic. How is the temporary food industry be a benign development? At present, the temporary food industry is in the upward exhaust, large amounts of funds and consumption support, but it is necessary to keep the industry’s health and smooth development, still need to pay attention to some problems.

The first is the impact of consumption, our temporary sale and the big promotion of the European and American markets, the discount season is different, and many middle-aged people believe that the dysfunction is not good, the nutrient loss, the willingness is not big, and young groups Then, a snack beverage, the consumption of grain and oil, staple food and nutrients is low, which is unfavorable to promote the full-age development of the temporary food.

Yang Xiaometric believes.

Liu Wei pointed out that the public needs to change the prejudice of the temporary food. Food to expire, as long as the packaging is not damaged, the packaging is safe and food, you can rest assured that you can buy, the taste will not have excessive differences.

From a nutrients, long-term preservation will cause some vitamin losses, but the shelf life is more than one year, and the near future 30 days and 50 days of nutrients have not too much difference. The relevant person in charge of the State Market Supervision, said reporters that the current supervision of the temporary food is still in the category of normal food supervision, and there is no separate supervision, and the relevant policies are also further developed.

However, food operators should make eye-catching tips on the upcoming food, need to inform customers and sell separately, and fully protect consumers’ right. The temporary food not only requires government departments to strengthen the supervision of safety dimensions, but also need more stringent time limit, more favorable punishment measures, and actively use the third-party association to purify market, share information, resources, and strengthen the public’s awareness, Building a supervision, association, enterprise tripartite food safety system, promoting high quality development of the food industry. Yang Xiaomeng said.

Xu Yangchen.