White Hair of Internal Medicine College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

White Hair of Internal Medicine College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hair graying is a physiological phenomenon.

Melanocyte activity is lost in the hair bulbs, and the pigments in the hair shaft disappear.

Early gray hair in young people often has a family history, manifested as autosomal dominant inheritance.

Pernicious anemia, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular disease, etc., are prone to gray hair.

Severe emotional effects can help hair turn gray quickly.

Long-term suffering from tuberculosis, malignant tumors, asthma, and diabetes can also appear early in white hair.

The nutrition is not adjusted, the protein lacks recombinant hair pigment, and becomes brown or gray, resulting in essential fatty acids, which can also make the hair lighter.

Deficiency of copper and vitamin B, folic acid, parabens, etc., turned gray.

Too much sugar can make hair yellow.

Hypogonadism can cause early gray hair.

  Hair prematurely whitening can be treated with Chinese medicine orally, Chinese medicine external use, diet therapy, massage and other methods.

  Oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine can optionally use traditional Chinese medicine Portulaca grandiflora, Poria cocos, dry rehmannia glutinosa, diarrhea, Selaginella, Selaginella, ginseng, turpentine, guixin, etc., which are smashed into powders, delivered daily with warm wine on an empty stomach, 2 times a day.

Applicable to white hair caused by insufficient blood of middle and old people; Chinese herbal medicine chrysanthemum, chicory, capsicum, white Poria, Guixin, Amaranth, Achyranthes bidentata, citronella, raspberry, arid lotusWait, honey is made into pills, delivered on an empty stomach with warm wine, 30 pills per serving.

Applicable to gray hair caused by yin deficiency of liver and kidney in middle-aged and elderly people.

  Traditional Chinese medicine Angelica sinensis for external use, dried pine, gypsum, talc, sour pomegranate peel, mother clove, white sandalwood, pebbles, white and other medicines, ground powder, made into rice paste with rice vinegar, applied to the hair, and wrapped in lotus leavesTight, wash off the black the next morning.

Use this recipe to dye your hair.

  Diet therapy longan meat, lotus seeds, jujube, etc., add to the previous rice and cook into porridge.

Twice daily for 15-30 days.

Can nourish qi and blood and make hair black.

  The prevention of white hair should pay attention to the following aspects: pay attention to diet and nutrition.

Staple food can often eat purple pearl rice, black beans, red beans, green beans, red diamonds, black sesame, walnuts, etc. Vegetables often eat carrots, spinach, purple carrot head, purple cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, black fungus and so on.

Animals often eat black-bone chicken, beef and sheep pig liver, soft-shelled turtle, dark fleshy fish, sea cucumber and so on.

Fruits often eat jujube, black jujube, persimmon, mulberry, purple grapes and so on.

In short, all foods with dark colors (green, red, yellow, and purple) contain pigments formed by the action of natural plants and sunlight, which can supplement human body pigments and are beneficial to the health of hair color.

Also pay attention to ensure sufficient protein, vitamins, etc.

Eat more vegetable oils, less animal fats, and less sugar. You can use a small amount of honey or brown sugar instead.

Severe white hair should be treated in time to maintain a comfortable mood, not to be overly nervous and tired.