How to escape the trap of doubt?

How to escape the trap of doubt?

Men who are fascinated by the sight of beautiful girls are often accused of being superficial, and a recent study by scientists shows that men’s “lechery” is determined by their genes, and they only need 1 minute to like a girl.

  Experts from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands recently conducted an experiment.

In the experiment, 20 men and 20 women were assigned a part of the task. As they completed the task, the staff would show them pictures of the opposite sex and use instruments to observe their brain activity.

  The experimental results show that the 20 women participating in the experiment can focus their performance on the task at hand, while the 20 male subjects are easily attracted by the photos and can quickly determine themselves in only a thousandth of a second.Do you like the girl in the photo and would like to further develop a relationship with it.

  Scientists say that men’s “observing people by appearance” is actually part of evolution, determined by the ancient instinct of genes to replicate themselves to the greatest extent possible.

So a man thinks that he sees the opposite sex to make a judgment quickly, and is unconsciously attracted by girls who seem to have strong developmental ability and can leave his offspring for him, and a beautiful face is usually a manifestation of strong freshness.

On the contrary, the criteria for women to choose a partner usually have little to do with their appearance. They are more worried about whether the other party is responsible for being a qualified adoptive family.