“That’s good。”Chen Geng nodded。

He is really worried that he will be topped in the future“Use scrap vehicles to entrap my braveryPLA”hat of,I’m not wronged when you say?Obviously someone came to the door。
“that……boss,this price……You see?”See the boss didn’t mean the price,I feel the wink desperately behind me,Chen Xiaoshan can’t hold it anymore,Have to ask。
The price is really a problem,Scrapped car,The price is too high, I feel bad about it,Is it too low?……I can’t lose money?Chen Geng thought about it seriously,Finally given a price range:“In principle, add to the cost20%,Ok,The upper limit cannot exceed one-third of the Jiefang Truck。”
Heard the last sentence“Ok,useRMBNo problem with settlement”after that,Chen Xiaoshan and Linli、Including the leaders accompanied by the capital city behind, they immediately realized one thing:What kind of calculations are you making here?,Actually, Chen Geng has already seen through,It’s just that they don’t know、It’s just a happy match。
But if Chen Geng didn’t say this,,You can pretend not to know,But after Chen Geng said these words,Comrades in the capital can’t pretend to be deaf,Came with Chen Geng、Director Wan of the Capital City Construction Bureau, who had just been standing behind, walked over quickly,With a face of shame, he surrendered to Chen Genglian:“Mr. Chen,Made you laugh,The current situation in China is indeed somewhat……”
“Director Wan,I also want to thank you for giving us such a chance to make a fortune,”Chen Geng smiled and stopped him,There are things that everyone knows well,It’s boring to say it,He asked with a smile:“I don’t know the domestic demand for transportation vehicles is so urgent……Ok,Do you want a used car??”
“Second-hand car?”Director Wan was taken aback。
“You also know,Used car trading is the pillar industry of Fernandez,”Chen Geng said:“If you need,I can help you get some。”
In fact until90Early years,Domestic imports of second-hand cars are allowed,A certain rich woman in the magic city,It’s based on imported second-hand cars……Very rich, very rich kind。
“You can specify the type?”Director Wan’s eyes lit up suddenly。
“Basically no problem,As long as you don’t let me find you an active military transport vehicle for the U.S. Army.。”Chen Geng said half joking half seriously。
“That can’t,That can’t,”Director Wan’s mouth is crooked,U.S. military vehicles in active service?He never thought about it。Thought for a while,He tentatively asked:“Is it possible to pull the heavy trailer head of the container??”
“can,no problem。”
“Look at the year and mileage,”I feel that what I said is a bit general,Chen Geng thought for a while,Added a sentence:“basically,About five years、The price of a second-hand heavy tractor with a mileage of two to three million kilometers is about 10,000 US dollars.,Remove all costs,I add20%Profit。”
“no problem!”Director Wan is overjoyed,I’m afraid Chen Geng will be busy with repentance:Although Chen Geng has increased20%Profit,But that was added on the basis of cost20%Profit,Director Wan feels that Chen Geng’s offer is really too real.:Those domestic bastards engaged in the import trade of used cars,Such as China Automobile Import and Export Corporation,Don’t add one for you50%,They work hard?
“Then it’s settled……correct,Payment method,Can it be usedRMB?”Speaking of this question,Director Wan blushes,Somewhat embarrassed,He himself felt that his request was a bit excessive。