Strict supervision network sales children’s furniture

[] Recently, the Shanghai Market Supervision Department concentrated on 25 batches of children’s furniture sold by many e-commerce companies, and 18 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified rate was exceeded. Since August 1, 2012, my country’s first child furniture national mandatory standard "General technical conditions" in children’s furniture is formally implemented, and the national mandatory structural security and environmental safety standards are clarified.

In 2016, Jingdong and China Quality Certification Center launched the first e-commerce platform "Children’s Furniture Quality Review Standard" in the industry, and the brand in Jingdong will be subsequently squeezed later. If it is unqualified twice, it will be retired.

However, in recent years, the results of the samples of many products have been shown that the quality of the online children’s furniture still exists, and the child supplies supervision alarm is ringing. From the perspective of consumers, parents should pay more attention to the children’s furniture, but consumers are not experts, there is no professional experience, and there is no professional testing equipment, it is difficult to distinguish unqualified products. Therefore, the risk of children’s furniture and other children’s supplies are strictly controlled in the market supervision department. First, children’s products must have more stringent quality requirements and inspection standards, to improve relevant regulations and standards, maximize consumer rights and child safety. Secondly, the supervision of online children’s furniture cannot be limited to the sampling after the listing, should be grasped from the source. If the goods that have not been inspected are not allowed to enter the market, and a variety of penalties should be taken, and the illegal costs are improved.

At the same time, the e-commerce platform should increase the supervision of enterprises, and maximize the unqualified children’s furniture market space, eliminate product quality hidden dangers.

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