Shenzhen Luohu District explores the "Ji Tax Union Technology and Integrity"

  People’s Network Shenzhen December 10 (Zhang Chen Mu, Zeng Lin, Chen Xinyi) "Hello, we can talk about taxes and fees in the case of taxes, can we tell us about taxes and fees?" "Recently we want to carry out tax systems Warning education, can the District Commission for Discipline Inspection have supported us? "… like this business communication, it has become a daily business between the Commission of Discipline Inspection and Commission of Shenzhen and Luohu District Tax Office.

  In recent years, Luohu District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection is based on duties, normalization cooperation, and play the respective function advantages of both parties. It continues to force in business cooperation, business exchange, business training, etc., achieving complementary, mutual integration, mutual Win, jointly create a comprehensive strict party "discipline tax" brand.

  Since this year, Luohu District Tax System took the initiative to comprehensively comprehensively and strictly govern the party’s responsibility, establish and improve the "two responsibilities" synergies, clarify the key tasks and responsible departments of party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work, with "large service" system Constructed as an opportunity, innovation and establishment "External Observer + Tax Supervisors" multi-comprehensive oversight model.

On the one hand, "Experience" observation, invites the District Taxation Bureau Special Supervisor, the representative of the company’s representative personnel personnel, and the "standardization" "dataization" system "of the" large service "system in the regional tax bureau is" data "," "" " Transformation and suggestions.

On the other hand, "focus type" supervision, increase supervision and inspection on casual discusions, service attitudes, and find problems in service masses, the construction of work style, and build a thoughts of cadres and employees. In order to promote the effectiveness of the two parties of the discipline, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission and the District Taxation Bureau established the "online +-line" working connection coordination mechanism, and jointly held joint conferences by providing guidance documents, business guidance consultation, regular convening of joint meetings. Analyze the difficulty of studying the difficulties encountered in the work of both parties, which greatly compensates for the short board in the standardization of the tax authorities, and also enhances the capacity and level of discipline inspection and supervisors involving tax business in handling cases.

  Both parties have more cooperation in warning education. In order to reasonably enrich the "Luohu Lake Integrity Education 100 People", the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission Incorporate the business backbone of the tax system into the members of the tester, in order to explain the tax-related cases in the preaching, more professional, currently launched in Phase I Preaching, the tax system preached more than 200 people.

At the same time, according to the deployment and requirements of the Supervision Committee of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the District Taxation Bureau passed the party committee "Preschool", secretary taught the party class, and in-depth development of disciplined education learning, the party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work In the daily business work, double improvement, double development, currently launched "pre-learning" 26 times. "The ‘Ji Tax Tax" not only enhances the supervision of our discipline inspection and cadres, but also has a good benefit to enhance the clean government awareness of the entire tax system staff, and can effectively achieve the comprehensiveness of the double improvement from the strict treatment of the party and strictly control tax tax. Promote.

"Luohu District Taxation Bureau discipline inspection cadres said.

  The relevant person in charge of the Supervision Committee of the Luohu District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said that the next step will establish and improve the joint training mechanism of the discipline inspection cadres, through the class learning, special lectures, "point" prevention and other targeted "discipline tax Linkage to promote integrity, "jointly promoting more exploration from stricting parties to strictly governing the party and achieve more effectiveness.

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