The skin care method you must know in spring starts with blocking ultraviolet rays_1

The skin care method you must know in spring starts with blocking UV rays

In the spring season, many female friends began to eagerly try to get rid of the heavy winter clothes and started dressing themselves up, doing beauty and buying new clothes.

So what should we pay attention to in spring beauty?

Today, let’s learn the skin care methods that we must know in spring.

  Spring skin care methods must be known in spring. Spring skin care starts from blocking the ultraviolet rays. The sunlight in the spring is obviously brighter.

In addition, the strong ultraviolet rays also accelerate the skin aging rate and make the skin drier.

Therefore, apply the sunscreen product carefully before going out.

  In addition, UV-blocking products can only last for about 3 hours. When continuous outdoor activities are required, it is recommended to repeatedly absorb or use spray-type sunscreen products in units of three hours.

  Careful cleansing says that cleansing is the foundation of skin care, which must have its truth.

In addition to most women who need long-term makeup work, if the harmful substances in the air are not removed in time, they will cause various skin problems and accelerate skin aging.

Therefore, it is recommended to cleanse first after returning home. When choosing a cleansing product, it is also recommended to choose a cool and cleansing product without artificial flavors.

  Also, it is recommended to do it every week?
2 times exfoliating skin care.

Leaving the keratin intact will cause the active ingredients in the skin care products to not be fully absorbed by the skin, thereby making the skin dull and yellow.

  Moisturizing is the key spring skincare’s most important alternative is moisturizing.

Dry skin is the root cause of all skin problems. Only when the moisture inside the skin diffuses can the active ingredients in skin care products be absorbed.

In addition to drinking plenty of water in daily life, it is also recommended to use skin care products with excellent moisturizing effect.

  It is recommended to pay attention to the purity and non-irritation of the skin care products when choosing skin care products.

In addition to moisturizing, when choosing a whitening product, you should not only care about its excellent whitening effect, but also pay attention to whether it has excellent moisturizing effect while whitening, and its whitening ingredients are not harmful to the skin.

  The above-mentioned spring skin care methods must be known, and I hope to be helpful to female friends who love beauty.