“Ma Lao,Brother Along, they will come back safely!”Yingzi looked at for a long time,Please ask unconsciously。

“Do not worry,The man standing on top of the sky should return to the sky,He is stronger than all of us,Naturally able to come back safely。”
This is what an old man saw,Not a compliment but a voice from the heart。
Yingzi nodded,There is a firm gaze in the eyes,She asked but believed。
“I have to work hard,Can’t let people keep guarding!”
“Haha,Nice little girl,If you don’t hate me as an old man,I can help in cultivation!”
“really,Thank you Ma Lao!”
Many things cannot be booked,Just shine towards yesterday,Just by chance,Yingzi, who hadn’t been able to practice at all, awakened the Houtian Linggen。
The acquired spiritual root is a very unexpected thing,Xiang Yingzi only awakened at such an age,Really unexpected。
But awakening is awakening,This is a gift from heaven。
And after Xia Chenglong and the others left,One more person left here,That’s Tu Cancan。
Some things that Tujia did,Her butchers feel sad,Although everyone didn’t say anything,But old man,Yingzi is here,They always have some separation。
It’s better to leave。
Tu Cancan also wants to create a world of his own,She won’t return to the Tujia,Lingxiao City,But to go to other places in Dahua country。
and so,After many years, there will be a Tianjiao heroine,Disregard the heroes!
This is something later,Tu Cancan doesn’t know what challenges he will face next,But this time with Xia Chenglong,Really made him grow a lot。