“Do not,I haven’t lost!I still have the realm of god time!As long as in the field,I am God’s spokesperson!”The Great Priest Gaia let out an angry roar。

He only had time to gain the power in the realm of God’s time,There are also three artifacts dedicated to the Pope in the temple,He can only get it after he is crowned!
“Divine realm!compression!”Gaia no longer uses melee combat skills this time,But teleported to the top of the steps,Try to get as far away as Wuhao。
When he yelled this sentence,Everyone around just feels like their eyes sway,The sacred realm that envelops His Majesty the Pope and Wu Hao together,It started to shrink quickly!
That closed space,It keeps shrinking in full view,Its area quickly shrunk to half,And continue to shrink。
Sixth prince Mili and King Ning changed their colors at the same time,None of them thought of,Master Wu Hao can actually push Gaia to this point。
Compress the realm of God time,This is the sacrificial technique of the pope,Only when they face an invincible evil enemy,To use this ultimate technique,Use the power of space,Crush the opponent。
When this trick starts,His Majesty the Pope will regard himself as a singularity,Let the space of God’s time domain begin to collapse,Finally return to the singularity,Which is the body of His Majesty the Pope,And everything in the space,Will be crushed to pieces,Finally turned into nothingness。
And the price of this trick by the Pope,Will lose the skill of using the God Time Domain forever,And because of the space energy disorder in the body,He will no longer be able to teleport in any form。
As long as the Pope who performed this trick,Will announce their abdication soon,Replaced by the next pope,Because of the loss of His Majesty the Pope,Like a tiger with a tooth extracted,Will lose all its awe。
By contrast,The priest fighting technique just now was just a little trouble,And the realm of God’s time is the Pope’s housekeeping skill,Can make an unappointed pope blew himself up,Wu Hao’s move today,Absolutely unprecedented,The feat of no comer。
“Brother Wuhao!Interrupt him!Can’t let him continue to compress the field!”Mi Xiaochong suddenly remembered something,Yelled in a hurry。
It’s a pity that Wu Hao is in the realm of God Time,I can’t hear what he is talking about。
“Wu Hao is over!Pity!”now,Including Mili of the Six Princes,Everyone on the long street thought to themselves in their hearts。