“Hahaha!I found that0809Dead for nothing……Just wait for the rescue of your teammates,I was actually killed by my master!”Zhang Song smiled。

“I `m coming out!You are still hereApoint?”Lu called Feng Xichuan as soon as he came out of the water。
“Ok,Withdraw immediately!”Feng Xichuan replied。
“not good!Be carefulAThere is an ambush outside the point!”Lu Yi reminded。
as expected,Gunshots came from two places on the map。
One place isAPoint the periphery of the Murloc’s Lair,The other is the beach of Lu Yi probe……
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
“Fucking!Hit,The other party has long been here with a oriole behind!”Feng Xichuan scolded while fighting back。
“Master?How are you?”Zhang Song found that both sides were in ambush at the same time,Caring。
“Although I got a shot,But i’m not dead yet……”
Zhang Song looked at the screen,I saw Lu Yi controlled Master Lu Ban and dived under the sea again,I want to choose a shallow beach to go ashore……