slowly,Looking around。

obviously,at this point,Actually, Wang Teng didn’t take it seriously。
“It’s just the Tan family,You don’t need to care。”
“If they are willing to toss,Just let them toss,Anyway we,Actually, there is no need to worry。”
As Wang Teng finished,At this moment,Others look at Wang Teng,It’s eyes shining。
To know,Wang Teng can tell such things,It means he is very bold。
And since these people decided to follow Wang Teng,Naturally, he was deeply attracted by this。
“The chairman is good,Unexpectedly, he had already arranged it。”
“That’s right,Since this is the case,So what do we need to wait for?”
“If it’s a big deal, let them continue to toss here.,Anyway, we don’t need to worry about anything。”
When these people don’t forget to say here,obviously,This is the more surprising。
And Wang Teng,Waved his hand:“You don’t need to care about these。”