Three meals a day, using some chopsticks is the healthiest?

Three meals a day, using some chopsticks is the healthiest?

Chopsticks are one of the important channels for bacterial transmission.

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“Yu Lao” contains: “The old man was a elephant, and the old man was terrified.”

King Wang was the monarch at the end of the Shang Dynasty. It can be seen that chopsticks made of ivory have gradually appeared as early as the 11th century BC.

China is the birthplace of chopsticks, and the customs of using chopsticks in North Korea, South Korea, and Vietnam are inherited by China.

  In real life, most families mix chopsticks when eating, and the method of cleaning chopsticks is not correct. If you use such chopsticks for a long time, you will be easily infected with gastrointestinal diseases such as hepatitis, ulcer, and acute pancreatitis.

  Data show that nearly 50% of humans have gastrointestinal H. pylori, and most of these bacteria are transmitted from home. Chopsticks are one of the important transmission channels.

  Diverse materials The healthiest with some chopsticks?

  Assorted chopsticks, blue, red, carved, painted, blue and white porcelain, cartoon, and alien, do you want to own it?

But after buying it, most chopsticks may also be used as collectibles. Occasionally, take a look and play. So what kind of chopsticks are the most healthy, most suitable, and most qualified to accompany us for three meals a day  First, the best choice-bamboo chopsticks When we choose chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks are the first choice and the best choice.

It is non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, and the cheapest of all chopsticks.

Good quality bamboo chopsticks will not deform when exposed to high temperatures.

  Second, the second choice-natural wooden chopsticks wooden chopsticks?

Many chopsticks are made of wood. They are all wooden chopsticks. Can they be used?

of course not!

I recommend the natural wooden chopsticks.

On the other hand, those wooden chopsticks painted with paint are the least recommended for everyone.

  Third, it is not recommended for everyone to use-colorful paint chopsticks Colorful paint chopsticks are very beautiful and the shape has changed a lot, but it is precisely these beautiful chopsticks that I do not recommend that you use often.

Because of the heavy metals, lead, and organic solvent benzene in paint, there are many unknown hidden dangers to the body and affect health.

  Fourth, don’t plan cheap, throw away-plastic chopsticks, plastic chopsticks, a bag of 20 pairs, 10 yuan?

Sounds cheap.

The main thing is that the colors are bright and there are many choices. Only the color can distinguish the owner and the guests’ chopsticks. The colorful ones are placed in the cabinet, which is good-looking.

However, the texture of plastic chopsticks is relatively brittle, and it is easy to deform and melt after being heated to produce substances harmful to the body.

Would you like to continue using it?

  Five, different style of chopsticks-silver chopsticks, ceramic chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks, silver chopsticks, ceramic chopsticks with Chinese flavor, and the spread of Korean meals in recent years, the Korean stainless steel chopsticks that have become increasingly popularYes, but it is a bit heavy to use and feels bad, especially for children and the elderly.

Moreover, it has strong resonance. When you eat extra food, it will easily burn your lips.

Ceramic chopsticks are fragile and cannot be bumped. It is not recommended as common tableware.

  How to wash chopsticks to reduce bacteria and viruses?

  When eating, people often put a few or a dozen pairs of chopsticks on the same plate to add vegetables.

In fact, mixed chopsticks can easily contaminate various bacteria.

Studies have found that many germs are transmitted through chopsticks.

According to tests, a pair of unclean chopsticks may carry tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of bacteria and viruses.

Once people use such chopsticks, they are susceptible to related diseases such as hepatitis, ulcers, typhoid fever, and acute inflammation.

When parents use such chopsticks to feed their children, or many people at the table use chopsticks to clamp the same dish, these pathogenic microorganisms will spread through the chopsticks, causing cross infection.

This is not to be underestimated, the chopsticks at home should be dedicated.

  Lu Jinxing, deputy director of the Institute of Infectious Disease Control of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, said: “Chopsticks should be placed in a hollowed out chopstick tube and placed in a dry, ventilated place.

“Surveys have shown that too many people place chopsticks in sealed or tilted chopstick tubes, or lay them casually on bowls.”These places are airtight and surrounded by the environment. In addition, many people do n’t drain the chopsticks after washing. Over time, bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks are prone to mildew, odor, and even the naked eye ca n’t detect them, but chopsticksIt is already covered with bacteria. If it is not replaced often, bacteria will endanger health with food.

Lu Jinxing explained.

  How should I clean newly purchased chopsticks?


hzh{display:none;}  新买的筷子需要去除筷子在生产和运输过程中积累的病毒和细菌,以及某些化学物质。You can wash it with tap water first, then use the dishwashing liquid for the second time, and finally put it in the pot and boil it in boiling water for half an hour.

  Note that the bamboo chopsticks must be carefully shaved off.

If the new chopsticks have a strange smell, you can soak them in vinegar for half an hour or use tea for half an hour.

The trademark adhesive on the newly purchased chopsticks is sometimes difficult to remove. You can use the hair dryer to blow the heat, and then you can slowly lift it down. You can also use a lighter to slightly bake the trademark glue, so that the glue can be easily melted off when heated.You can use medical alcohol (high spirits, wind spirits, etc.) can be applied to the adhesive with paper or cloth can be wiped off.

  What’s more important is to wash chopsticks thoroughly.

Many people wash chopsticks very “luxury”, put the whole chopsticks under the tap and knead it, and then insert it into the chopstick box to wash it.

As everyone knows, bacteria can easily grow on chopsticks and enter the body with food.

The correct washing method should be: first rinse the surface of the chopsticks, then carefully wash the chopsticks with detergent, then put them in a disinfection cupboard to disinfect, dry them, or rinse and drain the water before putting them in the chopsticks box.

  How often should household chopsticks be replaced?

  Chopsticks need to be changed frequently.

Everyone knows that toothbrushes need to be changed regularly.

However, in many families, it is common for a pair of chopsticks to be used for two or three years.

Once the chopsticks have been used for a long time, the surface is no longer smooth, and they are often used. Scrubbing also easily makes the chopsticks rough, many small depressions and cracks appear, and it is very easy for pathogenic microorganisms to remain and breed.

Therefore, chopsticks are best replaced like toothbrushes every 3 to 6 months.

  Say “NO” to disposable chopsticks!

  CCTV 3 this year.

At the 15th party, there were insider exposures to the potential consumption rules of multiple industries. Regarding the process of disposable chopsticks, after processing of multiple chemical raw materials, disposable chopsticks have undergone various chemical processes such as fumigation of sulfur, paraffin, and hydrogen peroxideThe processing of pharmaceuticals and the production process are shocking, and even more unexpected is that during the processing of chopsticks, workers have to “turn over” chopsticks with their feet, and the feet are in close contact with chopsticks, which can be seen everywhere in the chopsticks factory.It’s not surprising that your factory chopsticks saw footprints.

Even the manufacturers themselves acknowledge that “the majority of disposable chopsticks now have residues that exceed the standard”, and such “hygienic chopsticks are actually very unsanitary”.

  I always thought it was safe and hygienic disposable chopsticks not only did not give me protection, but also brought trouble.

A pair of disposable chopsticks seem clean, pure white, and are processed by industrial chemical raw materials, bleached and processed. Do you dare not use disposable chopsticks in the future?

  Facts show that its so-called “hygiene” and “convenience” are just some kind of illusory psychological expectations of people. Its use is essentially the same as “folding branches as chopsticks”, cleaning and disinfecting each meal, and does not require a large production base and tedious transportationThe multiple chopstick scores during the process are neither sanitary nor convenient.

  All that has happened is the result of our continuous improvement in the quality of our lives. As the saying goes, the disease comes from the mouth, the disposable chopsticks exposed today, and the gutter oil exposed tomorrow, I do n’t know what it is the day after tomorrow.

These one by one, which are closely related to the people’s livelihood, have been exposed, which really strikes us a heavy alarm.