4 principles of never losing weight

4 principles of never losing weight


Don’t eat dessert?

Can I lose weight without eating staple food?

Forget these!

The following is the true weight-loss principle of never eating fat!


Increase your metabolism. If you do not eat for more than 4-5 hours, your blood sugar level will decrease.

As a result, your body will be eager to absorb a lot of sugar.

This can make you feel tired, tired and tired.

  The key to controlling appetite is to eat regularly and regularly.

Experts advocate adding two light meals on the basis of three meals a day. It is advisable to eat moderately. A cup of fragrant tea, fruit juice or other low-content beverages is a good choice for meals.

This makes it easier for your body to digest and absorb. This way your metabolism is often active, while minimizing the possibility of hoarding your aunt.


Only when it ‘s time to eat is delicious. When facing food, ask yourself if you ‘re really hungry.

If you are not hungry, it is best to stop and do something you are interested in to distract the temptation of food.

If you really feel hungry, you can enjoy yourself.

However, eating a small amount of low carbs, such as apples and cucumbers, before meals can have a significant effect on appetite suppression.


For a dieter, the most important part of a day is breakfast. Research shows that people who eat breakfast well and eat satisfactorily are thinner than those who do not eat breakfast at all.

That’s because breakfast helps boost your metabolism, so you will burn more conversions this day, and breakfast can never be saved.

Moderate protein, such as lean meat and eggs, will help you lose weight. If you feel that eating in the morning will make you feel uncomfortable, you can just eat some fruits.


High fiber makes you healthier. Fiber-containing foods tend to make you feel full and maintain that feeling for a continuous period.

Fiber can also help you maintain your blood sugar level (blood sugar keeps you blood sugar) and keep your bowel movements regular.

As a side dish, a salad or vegetable soup is best; a piece of fruit at the end of a meal is also quite suitable.

However, the speed of these foods is preferably less than 500 calories, otherwise they will gain weight.