“what?”This time it’s Uncle Bing’s turn to be surprised。

“I don’t hide from you,My second master and I don’t know each other,Someone asked him to deal with me,And then leaked his news to me,Want us to lose。”Lu Menglin flicked hard。
“There is this
Kind of thing?Who made it!”Uncle Bing is angry,He subconsciously felt that what this kid said should be true,Otherwise, who would take the risk,Use this reason to approach yourself。
“I don’t know that。Tell you the truth。Erye and the others are temporarily in a special place,Although you can leave at any time,It’s just that they don’t want to leave。and,Why should i keep them?No good,You say yes?”Lu Menglin said half-truth。
Uncle Bing nodded,Shook his head again,Actually he may not believe the kid in front of him much,It’s just that the other party is so mysterious,Have to listen to him。
Because Uncle Bing has a deep friendship with Erye,There is also a huge sum of money deposited in the Swiss bank in the name of the two,Only two people gave up the password,To get it。
“Why did you come to me?”Uncle Bing asked angrily。
Lu Menglin smiled:“I have already said,I am a businessman!I want to talk to Uncle Bing、And do a big business with Liansheng。of course,I also want to make money。”
“You want to do business with Heliansheng?”Uncle Bing sneered in his heart,But his face didn’t show up。
“This business i want to do,Not an ordinary business。Second master also said,If you listen to Uncle Bing,,Only write a big service word!”Lu Menglin deliberately sold Guan Zidao。
“clothes?Ha ha!You don’t want to,Bring out the real thing,See if i can be convinced!”Uncle Bing really wasn’t convinced,Choking。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“Before talking about this business,I want to talk a few digressions。as far as I know,There are four major societies on Hong Kong Island,Heliansheng is just one of them,Right??”
“Not bad!The four major societies on Hong Kong Island,He Liansheng ranked first。Just say what you want to say!”Uncle Bing said proudly。
Lu Menglin smiled:“it is good,I’ll treat Liansheng as the largest society on Hong Kong Island。”
“What do you mean!Was originally!Did you dare to see,fourteenKIs also one of the four major societies,Do they dare to fart in front of me?If it weren’t for your kid’s money, he’s so nervous,I don’t have to give them a dime。”Uncle Bing said angrily。
“Uncle Bing,You know the underground societies all over the world,Divided by strength,Is there a saying of triple realm??”Lu Menglin looked down,True color。
“Triple state?”Uncle Bing was taken aback,He has been in the club for so many years,I haven’t heard of the realm of the club。
Lu Menglin said solemnly:“This first state of society,Gang crime,What robbery、kill、Kidnapping,to be honest,Is to plunder wealth by violence,Complete primitive accumulation。”