“Ah!of course not,A big man like Gu Dong,Then there is such a leisure time to invite people like me to drink tea,Just tell me if you have anything,I am listening”Xia Jian tried his best to keep his heart as calm as water,he knows,What’s coming will come eventually,Forces that do not come are useless。

Gu Changlong put down the tea cup in his hand,He took a breath and said:“I think Gu Yue has already told you about our family affairs,Now I want Gu Yue to return to Yunmao Group to take the helm,Because I’m feeling bad recently,I think it’s better to leave early,I don’t know what you think about it?”
“Gu Dong is humble,How can I be an outsider involved in your housework,I just think,Gu Yue already has this ability,If Gu Dong is secretly cutting and training,In time,Gu Yue is in charge of Yunmao Group without any problems”Xia Jian didn’t even think about it,Casually。
Gu Changlong laughed and said:“You treat yourself as an outsider,But our family Gu Yue doesn’t think so,to some extent,She depends on you more than me”
“Blood is thicker than water,Gu Yue and I just met by chance,She repays,I am to survive,So we are only interested,Can’t compare with your father and daughter”Xia Jian word by word,Every sentence is reasonable,He didn’t want Gu Changlong to find any of his speech problems。
Gu Changlong really didn’t expect,Xia Jianhui can say so,He thought this man was just a martial artist,Big deal seized the moment,Dare to shoot,Just like the development project of Donghu Park。He always thought,Xia Jian hit it by mistake,He doesn’t think Xia Jian has extraordinary ability in this field。
The conversation between the two reached a deadlock again,Gu Changlong has nothing to say,Where he sits seems to be a big deal。Xia Jian glanced at Gu Changlong,I understood it right away,He asked softly:“Does Gu Dong want me to leave the company?,And can’t tell Gu Yue,You let me go”
Gu Changlong listened,Said with a awkward smile:“Poor parents in the world,I hope that Gu Yue’s future will be even more happy and beautiful,So I can only make it difficult for you“
“understanding!There will be no further development between Gu Yue and I,I promised you this from the beginning,So i should leave too,Just have to give me a few days,Something at work,I have to explain“Xia Jian said with a serious face。
Gu Changlong took a long breath and said:“I’m Gu Yue’s father,What kind of mind my woman,I am a parent knows best。So please bear with me“
“it is good!I’ll do the transfer tomorrow when I go back,I will never stay again this time,Don’t worry,I will never tell Gu Yue about you talking to me“Xia Jian said,Got up and stood up。
Gu Changlong beckoned to Xia Jian:“This is a check for one million,You can start a small company with the money,By your ability,Three to five years later,Sure to grow“