Which diseases can cure winter and summer?

Which diseases can cure winter and summer?

Respiratory diseases: Respiratory diseases suitable for treating winter and summer diseases include: bronchitis, wheezing, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, recurrent respiratory infections, emphysema, tuberculosis, etc.

  Traditional Chinese medicine considers “the main fur of the lung”.

The skin belongs to the lungs and belongs to the broader respiratory system.

In other words, eating cold things or wearing less clothes will affect the function of the respiratory system.

The same reason, some chronic chronic cough, cough, wheezing and other symptoms are easily caused by cold or winter.

In addition, modern people often use “antibiotics” to treat respiratory diseases, leading to spleen deficiency and dampness, kidney yang deficiency, susceptibility to wind and cold invasion, and repeated cough and asthma.

  ”Lung is delicate”, not tolerant to cold and heat, easy to invade, especially children, the elderly are most vulnerable to evil.

Differentiating and treating from the lung, according to the condition, each person’s acupuncture points are different.

For example, pediatric hypertension focuses on the spleen, and elderly hypertension focuses on the kidneys.

The main vertebrae, Feishu, plaster, Xinshu, Shenshu, Mingmen, Dingchuan and other acupuncture points were selected. The degree of redness of the skin and the appearance of blisters the size of the gardenia.

  Acupoint application plaster for treating asthma-type diseases, mainly using natural Chinese medicine such as white mustard, cinnamon, asarum, ginger juice.

  In addition, acupoint injection combined with acupoint application is more effective in treating tuberculosis.

  Gynecological diseases are suitable for winter diseases and summer diseases: endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, infertility and so on.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that gynecological diseases caused by debilitating cold factors after differentiation of syndromes have unique effects in treating winter and summer diseases.

A woman is not sitting well, and her body is much worse. One of the reasons is that she has suffered from cold evil.

Postpartum women have qi and blood deficiency and are vulnerable to cold evil.

If you sweat a lot and confinement doesn’t sit well, it will hurt the Yin and Blood. It is recommended to drink Chinese medicine soup in the summer to recuperate.

  Treating winter diseases and summer diseases, it is easy to eliminate the body’s yin and cold, relieve collaterals and collaterals, warm the cold and dampness, promote blood circulation and remove stasis, thereby promoting pelvic blood circulation in gynecological patients and treating many chronic gynecological diseases.

  Acupoint application of Fuxiu cream is the main treatment method for treating gynecological diseases in winter and summer.

In addition, there are acupuncture, moxibustion, acupoint embedding, acupoint injection, Chinese medicine fumigation and so on.

  Allergic diseases are suitable for winter and summer diseases: allergic rhinitis, allergic skin disease, allergic colitis, etc.

  In general, allergic diseases mostly belong to cold constitution. According to the treatment principle of “cold is hot” in traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to treat with heat medicine and qi supplement.

However, “emergency cures the symptoms and slow cures the root cause.” Summer is not the onset season of allergic diseases, and it is a period of recovery.

Therefore, treatment at this time is a cure for the root cause.

  Allergic rhinitis, called “nasal pimple” by Chinese medicine, is more likely to occur in winter and spring.

Allergic rhinitis is often in the remission period in summer. Summer is the most vigorous period of yang, and it is also the best time to treat winter disease and summer.

Therefore, in the summer, allergic rhinitis can choose acupoint application, which is commonly known as three-volt patch.

  Sanfutian is treated with warm and tonic medicine at relevant acupoints, which can nourish the spleen and lungs, regulate internal organs, stimulate meridians, improve physical fitness, improve human immunity, and reduce the incidence of allergic diseases.

  Using acupuncture to treat winter diseases and summer diseases can improve the human immune system.

It can radically improve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis and other diseases, so that it can do more with less.

  Rheumatoid diseases are suitable for the treatment of winter and summer diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and other paralytic diseases, which are exacerbated during the cold in winter, and the condition is repeated and worsened.

  Rheumatoid osteoarthropathy is collectively referred to as “biosis” in Chinese medicine.

According to Chinese medicine, “the combination of wind, cold and dampness and three qi causes paralysis,” meaning that cold, sudden, and seasonal climate change will cause rheumatoid diseases to occur or worsen.

The hot air in summer has a certain relief effect on rheumatoid diseases. Therefore, at this time, the winter disease is treated in summer and the treatment with Xin Wen’s medicine is effective.

  Winter disease and summer treatment are applicable to rheumatism that feels cold, trauma, chronic chronic strain and exacerbated by cold.

For example, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis and periarthritis, lumbar process, etc.

These diseases are exacerbated by cold, which is a typical clinical manifestation of rheumatism.

  There is a long snake moxibustion, which specializes in treating rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and other diseases.  Gastrointestinal diseases: Gastrointestinal diseases suitable for winter and summer diseases include: chronic gastritis, functional dyspepsia, peptic ulcer, chronic colitis, etc.

  Zhang Jingyue, a Chinese medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, said, “Three scorch pain patients are at home in nine out of ten.”

He believes that cold is condensed, Wen is Tong, and epigastric pain is mostly cold, and treatment should be warmed and adjusted.

Patients with debilitating stomachache and diarrhea are prone to seizures due to cold in winter.

From the perspective of modern people’s lifestyle, in fact, the spleen and stomach are easily weakened in summer. If you eat cold drinks, staying in air-conditioned rooms will damage the spleen and stomach.

  Therefore, people who have a cold stomach and spleen and stomach are prone to abdominal pain if they eat cold things.

People who are often cold with hands and feet are prone to diarrhea after drinking a lot of herbal tea.

This group of people, even in summer, early in the morning or at a certain temperature, should change clothes in time to avoid colds and colds, especially do not turn on the air conditioner too low.

  According to the classification method of Chinese medicine, there are three main types of stomach disorders: stomach disorders caused by spleen and stomach deficiency, stomach disorders caused by damp-heat in the stomach, and stomach disorders caused by mental factors.

Different types have different treatments and routine maintenance methods.

  How do I know if I have a cold or hot stomach?

Usually I am afraid of cold, and I do n’t want to drink water. In the winter, my limbs are cold, my appetite is not good, I often feel tired and weak, and easily diarrhea.

And often dry mouth, bitter mouth, dry stool or sticky bowel movements, irritable, mostly people with hot stomach.

People with cold spleen and stomach are better at treating winter diseases and summer diseases.

  Spleen-stomach deficiency cold-like stomach diseases, treated with acupuncture and acupoint application, can stimulate righteousness, relieve pain, and reduce seizures in the coming winter.

  Subhealth Chinese medicine believes that health is the balance of yin and yang inside the body and the balance of yin and yang in the external environment.

Sub-health is just because the yin and yang balance of the body is broken, but there is no substantial distortion. At this time, adjusting the balance is relatively labor-saving and does not cause physical harm.

  The sub-health state is between healthy and unhealthy. It is difficult to tell exactly what the disease is, but the treatment of winter and summer diseases is not targeted at sub-health. It can break through the symptoms of sub-health.

  Symptoms of sub-health are that people are easily tired, can’t eat, can’t sleep well, have back pain, and are afraid of cold.

  The treatment starts with these main symptoms-people are prone to fatigue, apply ointments to nourish the strong points of the human body, such as Zusanli, Guan Yuan and Qihai; backache and back pain are afraid of cold, indicating that the cold in the human body is too heavy and the kidneys are weak.Wenyang ointment is placed in the large vertebral body, Mingmen and Shenyao points; if you don’t sleep well, use the medicine that calms the mind and calms the heart, palpitation, and internal closing; poor appetite, indicating poor spleen and stomach function,Medication on medium acupoints.

  Bone trauma diseases are suitable for the treatment of winter and summer diseases: chronic neck and back pain, periarthritis, cervical spondylosis and so on.

  Most of the bone injury diseases are caused by incorrect posture: poor sitting posture causes lumbar spondylosis; always lowers the head to cause cervical spondylosis; and the arm always maintains a posture or is too hard, which can cause periarthritis.

And uncomfortable sleep can aggravate these bone injuries.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold main pain, wind chill, and dampness will aggravate the condition of bone injuries. People with cervical spondylosis do not like to blow air conditioners and electric fans. If they are blown in the cold wind, they will feel like they are frozen.The more painful, so patients with cervical spondylosis are particularly difficult in winter.

Osteopathy is a winter disease, which is just treated in the summer. The pores of the human body are loosened in the summer, and blood circulation is smooth. The cold-relief medicine is used to drive out the cold and dampness in the joints.

  Bone trauma is not the same as other medical diseases. It is reduced. The pain in the body is specifically targeted. In addition, it is caused by the cold in the body.

Therefore, the treatment of bone injuries should be treated internally and externally, and the internal pain should be supplemented by the internal pain.

  The method of acupoint application can also be used. Tonic deficiency is treated with a warm-yang and cold-dispelling plaster, which is applied to acupuncture points that nourish the whole body and are located on the spine, such as aura, life gate, body column, and Yanglingquan.No, stick a row on the spine.

If it is the arm or knee pain, then apply plaster on the main points of the limbs, some feet three miles, hands three miles.