Distribution of farmers

  In the past few days, in the Turki County, the Turkish County, the Turkish Planting Base, the peasant is busy collecting a tric, bag packaging, and the joy of harvest is full of faces. "This year, 120 mu of onions, varieties have hit onions, yellow onions, and the average number of produced in 10,000 pounds, the price is also good.

"Medrgent Du Wei exposed a smile. Du Wei planted onion for several years, due to the full local sunshine, the temperature difference between day and night, the soil fertile, the management is fine, the output of the onion is large, the quality, the storage and transportation, etc. Characteristics This year, planting is still settling sunflower flowers, improving land utilization, and increases benefits.

"Our dishes are sold towards the northeast province, Qiqihar, Harbin, Shenyang and other places, not selling, the set of sunflowers can also produce 500 pounds, which can be said to be double benefits." Du Wei said. Also immersed in joy, and the peasants who earned "faster" at home.

Sweet onions in the seedling, planting, murm, herbicide, management, harvest, need a large amount of artificial investment, the positive gains, and attract a large number of farmers around the surrounding farmers, not only helps planting households to solve harvesting The problem, also added the peasant’s income, Li Xiangyun, who lives in Chang’an Village, Tutu Town, is one of them: "I came over, I took a small onion, bag, and I could earn 130 yuan, and I didn’t delay my home.

"In recent years, Tutu County has continuously deepened structural reforms of agricultural supply, continuously adjusting the industrial structure, vigorously developing special industries such as watermelon, wheat, herbs, and continuous improvement of crop mechanization operations, standardized production levels, effectively promoted agricultural growth, Farmers’ income.

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