Peach Blossom Beauty for Constipation


Peach Blossom Beauty for Constipation

The colorful peach blossoms are not only admirable, but also a good medicine.

Peach blossom contains behenic acid, coumarin, clover bean flour, naringenin, vitamins A, B, C and other ingredients, taste bitter, flat, non-toxic, cure diseases, and salty inside and outside.

Peach blossom is another beauty product.

  ”Ancient and Modern Secret Garden” contains: “Peach blossoms are collected on March 3, chicken blood, Erwei and Momen are collected on July 7, and when they are taken off on the third day, the color is brilliant.

”Tinea capitis (alopecia) Peach blossoms should be dried in shades and equal to mulberry.

Grind to the end, reconcile lard, wash the sores and apply to the affected area.

  ∈ 50 grams of freckled peach blossoms, 50 grams of winter melon kernels (shelled), grind together and mix thoroughly with honey and apply to the affected area.

Several times a day.

  Constipation ① 4 g of fresh peach petals (2 g of dried product), rinse and drain.

Earlier 100 grams of rice, add water to cook porridge, add peach petals, mix well and boil immediately.

Once every other day, several times.

This prescription is suitable for those with hot constipation.

However, the peach blossoms are cold, and they will stop immediately.

  ② Peach blossom, mallow, talc, betel nut each 30 grams, the total research into fine, 6 grams each time, before meals with onion white soup.

  30 grams of edema peach, decoction.

  Athlete’s foot peach blossom is dry and pounded, 3 grams per serving, clear soup is delivered.

  Foot sores (foot eczema) peach blossom, salt equal parts, smashed, apply vinegar to the affected area.

  An appropriate amount of malaria peach blossoms, ground to the end, 3 grams per serving, boiled water to serve.

  ∈ Beauty ① 30 grams of peach blossom, 9 grams each of clove, fennel, frankincense, aquila, and agarwood. The total research is fine, the honey is a pill, and 7 pills are swallowed every morning.

(Queen Empress Cixi in Yanfang) ② 100 grams of peach blossom, 30 grams of safflower, 100 grams of winter melon seeds, 100 grams of white peony, roasted and ground into fine powder, and coated with milk to make a paste.

Once a day, long-term application can make the skin red and white, and have certain effects on freckles and melasma.

  ∈ Stomachache ① Peach blossoms are dried 9 grams each time, decoction, halved in children.

  ② An appropriate amount of dried peach blossoms, ground into fine powder, 6 grams per serving (children 1.

5g), bring water to serve.

  Pustules peach blossom research as the end, boiled water after meals to serve, 3 grams each time, 3 times a day.

  ∈ Skin itching, peach blossom dry, grind into fines, apply honey to cream, rub the affected area.

This prescription is especially suitable for itching in spring.

  ∈ Back sores and citrus fruits are collected with dew in the morning, and the affected area is absorbed after mashing with vinegar.

  Ε Puffy ascites, white peach flowers are dried, ground into fines, about 5 grams each time, and washed with honey.

This prescription can also cure beriberi and swollen feet, dry stools, and unfavorable urination.

  ∈ Acute jaundice hepatitis peach, 10-15 grams each of white hairy rattan, decoction.