Undergraduate unemployment rate of 30%, new unemployment phenomenon is fierce

Undergraduate unemployment rate of 30%, “new unemployment phenomenon” is fierce

In 2001, the unemployment rate of college graduates nationwide was 30%, with about 340,000 people waiting for employment; 370,000 people were expected to be employed in 2002; 520,000 people were seeking employment in 2003; 690,000 people in 2004;
  The above are estimates for the Ministry of Education in 2001.
  In fact, at the end of June 2003, 1 million graduates have yet to be determined.
  The employment dilemma of young people is far more than university graduates. According to information, with the process of urbanization, rural areas have 1.
500 million to 200 million surplus labor needs to be transferred to non-agricultural industries, most of which are also young people between the ages of 20 and 30.
  The “China’s First Survey of Youth Employment” in May 2005 showed that the youth unemployment rate was 9%, which was higher than the social average of 6.
  Some people call this phenomenon “20, 30 new unemployment phenomena”.
  The “new unemployment phenomenon”
is coming fiercely On Thursday, July 7, the location of the Shenyang Employment Service Bureau at 48 Dabei Street, as usual, shuttled all kinds of people holding resumes to find jobs.
  Zhang Bing (pseudonym) and a rural guy wearing cloth shoes are sitting in front of the employment information large screen on the second floor of the Employment Bureau, watching the recruitment information of each employer in Shenyang scrolling on the large electronic screen, and from time to time bow down and record in the bookrelevant information.
  Zhang Bing, who has just graduated at the end of June this year, is a graduate of a certain engineering university in Shenyang. He told reporters: “There have been several job fairs, the talent market is frequent, and the recruitment information on major websites has almost been read.
Zhang Bing said that he also went to Langfang to attend a job fair last month. “Because Langfang is very close to Beijing, I went to Beijing to take a look.
“The recruitment will make him a little disappointed.” The psychological endurance is good, it needs to be able to support it, and the physical strength is also good, otherwise it will be crowded and killed.
“The young man sitting next to Zhang Bing turned around and asked,” Are you a college student? ”
Can’t college students find a job?
Too picky?
The young man claimed to be from Fushun. He has been in Shenyang for two or three years and has been working as a waiter in a restaurant.
  ”I am serving a plate at the age of 20. Can I still find someone by 30?
The young man said with a smile, “I have saved a little money to learn to drive this year. I added up the skills, and now I do n’t dare to come out and look for a job without a degree.
The young man said a bit frustrated, “I haven’t found a suitable job for a few days.
“But he believes that if he has the technology, he will always be better than before.
Opposite Zhang Bing and the young man is Gao Fengxiang’s office. As a senior security engineer, career instructor, and editor of the Labor Market News, Shenyang Employment Service Bureau, he can see many young people like Zhang Bing every day through the blinds of his office.
  For these job seekers, Gao Fengxiang professionally likes to use numbers to express the pressure they face. “I did a survey. In the first quarter of this year, Shenyang added more than 20,000 unemployed youth.
This is not counting the surplus rural laborers who are working.
“The number of young unemployed youth in Shenyang is 22,269, accounting for 27.
45 %%%, the number of job seekers between the ages of 16 and 24 accounts for 30.
18%, 28-year-olds account for 28.
58%, the total number of job seekers around 20 and 30 is 58.
“This is only the figure released by the Shenyang Employment Service Bureau in the first quarter of 2005.
  The “White Paper” of China’s Employment Status and Policies by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security shows that young people currently registered for job applications account for 70% of the total number of registered job applicants.
The increase in youth unemployment has become a new phenomenon of unemployment across the country.
Some people call it the “20 or 30 new unemployment phenomenon.”
  I am still facing the confusion of choosing a job when I am employed “Graduation is equal to unemployment. Now I know this is not nonsense.
For the first time, Xiao Fei (pseudonym), who heard of “20 and 30 new unemployment phenomena”, described the employment pressure he was facing.
  Xiao Fei is a recent graduate of a department of e-commerce in a university in Shenyang. At the age of 23, she started looking for a job before the Spring Festival this year. She has already practiced in three units for half a year and has not signed a contract.
  ”After changing several companies, I didn’t match my major, and later I lowered my selection criteria.
“After lowering the standard, Xiao Fei is now doing logistics for a wedding photo studio.   ”This is far from my idea when I started looking for a job,” Xiao said with a bitter smile. “E-commerce was the hottest department when I was in college, and now it is very difficult for our classmates to find a matching job.

When I first started looking for a job, I thought I should do business in a large company, but now I am in a photo studio.

“Shenyang is not a company without business talent,” but as long as it is a slightly better company, it requires more than 5 years of work experience.

“At present, Xiao’s internship salary is between 800 and 900 yuan per month. Even Xiao Fei said that he is not satisfied with the job, but the work pressure is still very high.” Because you don’t do it, there are college students waiting to do it!

  现在肖正为是否与这家影楼签合同而发愁,肖说,“合同是公司单方面定的,里面有一些‘不平等条约’,你也不能提,你不满意,人家就不签你Some people are willing to sign.

Xiao Fei blamed the reason for the high youth unemployment rate.

“Who blocked the employment path of 20 and 30? The Gao Fengxiang indicator of the Employment Bureau has caused a more rational and professional analysis of the” 20 and 30 phenomenon. ”

  ”There are many reasons for the high unemployment rate of 20 and 30. Here, the employment difficulties faced by college students and rural surplus labor are not the same.

Gao said, “It is difficult for college students to find a job. The reasons are as follows:” First, the employment concept of students and the needs of the market are misplaced. ”

Misplaced ideas are not the right way to find a career direction.

  ”More importantly, students’ skills in turning knowledge into products are poor.

This is related to education, and current education and work practices are still somewhat misplaced.

  ”Another reason is the corporate environment. From the very beginning, companies have set a high threshold for employees. This requires our school education. Pay attention to the internships of students while they are in school. The society should also provide internship bases for college students.

  ”Psychological problems of college students are also a reason. Many college students lack professional thinking and rational selection criteria when choosing a job.”

Many college students like to choose high-paying jobs or jobs that they want to do. In fact, what they want to do and what they are suitable for are two different things.

  ”The other is the entrepreneurial environment for college students. Now we are working hard to create good conditions for the entrepreneurial environment for college students, but it is obviously not enough. The barriers for college students to start a business are still high, and the entrepreneurial environment is not very good.

  ”Another major employment group of 20 and 30 is rural surplus labor.

Gao said, “Most of them have quantified knowledge levels and low vocational skills.

These young people come to cities to find employment, and their competitiveness is very low. They can only choose hard, dirty, tired and dangerous jobs.

  ”If you want to change this, you need to participate in training.

In this regard, we also have a lot of free skills training courses in Shenyang, but from the current situation, we need to strengthen the construction of this area.

“Phase products of socio-economic development” “Phenomena 20 and 30” are a stage product of rapid social and economic development.

“Meng Qingwei, director of Shenyang Talent Market, replaced the” 20 and 30 phenomenon “with thinking in the economic environment.

  ”Now professional standards are changing too fast.

Previously, you could work for many years with just one skill, but now it doesn’t work, and your skill may be eliminated soon.

“Meng said,” The rebirth of occupations has continuously replaced the old occupations with new occupations. The United States has eliminated more than 6,000 occupations in the past 20 years.

As far as Shenyang is concerned, we have done statistics. We have to eliminate 20 occupations a year and give birth to 16 new occupations.

Occupation is always shuffled, can I not be laid off?

In addition, the 20 and 30 phenomena are also problems brought by the knowledge economy.

“Meng said,” The update rate of knowledge is too fast. It used to take 20 years to update knowledge, now it is only 1.

5 years.

When you graduate from university at the age of 23, your knowledge needs to be updated by the age of 25.

“” We have done statistics in the talent market. Less than 30 %% of people have learned what to do, and students in the talent market have less than 30 %% of their professional counterparts.

There are two types of “graduates” and “graduates” under employment pressure. One is that the family is not rich, and the one who finds a good job finds the difference, or enters the postgraduate study.I do n’t find work, and my parents ca n’t afford it.

“In the interview, a graduate looking for a job said to reporters.

  Meng Qingwei called this kind of unemployed youth raised by his parents “Pan Lao Clan”. “In the face of huge employment pressure, such a sign appears in our youth.

However, the rise in unemployment has led to more than just social problems.

“Li Zhiguo, a sociologist at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, conducted an in-depth analysis:” The mass unemployment of young people will first cause a waste of human resources and is not conducive to improving the overall quality of workers.

At present, the problem of low labor quality affecting product quality has become very prominent. Young people’s enthusiasm for work, creativity and responsibility have not played enough roles.

Of all the social issues, the one that most enabled Lee to enforce the law was “social stability.”Except for college graduates, which are increasing every year, according to statistics, there were 1 in rural areas before.

500 million to 200 million surplus labors need to be transferred to non-agricultural industries, and almost all of them are young people in their 20s and 30s.

  ”Taking care of this huge number and giving these surplus young people sufficient employment space is both a problem in the employment sector and a major problem in building a harmonious society.

“Lee said.

  As Yang Yue, the secretary of the Central Secretariat of the Communist Youth League, said in the “Research Report on Youth Employment Problems and Countermeasures”, “The employment difficulties and unemployment crisis of young people are caused by various comprehensive factors. We need to analyze them objectively, thoroughly, and seekMore effective countermeasures and measures to promote youth employment.