“I said Cen Wen,What do you mean by going to Dongcheng??In total, I suffered from Qin Feng,Then I think you are better than me, so you have to go there to make a game and bring Qin Feng down?Just to prove that you are better than me??”
“Ha ha,Gong Ming,It’s boring to say that。Everyone is similar,But I’m not the same as you,I still have the identity of a big son。Make
For the dude,Of course the first task is to pretend to beep。Besides,At the level of our Seven Sages, we don’t lose our share in dealing with such a little boy like Qin Feng.。I won’t move him anyway!”
“Cen Wen,You’re scared?It’s said that you don’t have any idea of developing members。I didn’t believe it before,I understand it today。that’s it!”
Cen Wen can only smile awkwardly after discovering that the other party has hung up,“Ha ha,These two pens,I made the game by myself and wrongly estimated the strength of other people, and I asked me to vent my anger。Isn’t this neurotic?You try to play against the sky-level scavengers,You are not beaten up!”
It’s impossible for Qin Feng to know the call in the hotel,Otherwise, knowing that Cen Wen, who is about the same age as him, is actually one of the Seven Sages, will definitely be frightened.。
After all, this Cen Wen hides so well。the most important is,This former fat man doesn’t look like a person with a super IQ.。so,Life is like a play,All by acting!
The next afternoon,Qin Feng was smashed into the streets by Cen Wen。
In fact, the latter is a bit depressed,It’s not that he has something on hand。It’s just that Qin Feng really doesn’t want to get there!But since Cen Wen has come here,He still wants to do something like a landlord。
“Hey,You really plan to take me around?Are you stupid,Didn’t I grow up here since I was young?”Cen Wen is a bit dissatisfied。
“Then what do you want?Obviously you pulled me out,Now I want to find you a show?”
“Yo,Angry?”Cen Wen said after teasing,You said,Is it possible for me to make a land here in your East City?,And then make it into a golf course like Tan Zetao?
“Yo,What are you going to do?The second Tan Zetao??”
Qin Feng didn’t understand,Others set up this golf course for face。Think about it,You ask a friend to talk to you,Then tell someone,This grassland is its own。It sounds domineering and pretending enough。