Fuwai Hospital。

Old lady Gao is rescuing,Old man Gao didn’t come。
Two hours have been notified。
For Mr. Gao’s behavior,I’m speechless。
Mr. Gao is in the capital!
A few hours later,End of operation。
Fairly successful,But whether you can wake up depends on the will to survive。
Mrs. Gao’s relatives are here!
The nearest flight takes several hours,There are foreigners,Flying in the sky,I guess I will be back later!
I told Zhang Meng about the old lady’s situation。
The old lady’s family thanked us,If it weren’t for me, I found a friend and sent it to the capital by private plane,Estimated to be over!
“This is my mother too,What you should do。”
I greet everyone to come to the hotel opposite the hospital to rest for a while,Talked for a while by the way,Then eat out。
This situation now,Even if staying in the hospital is meaningless,Can only wait to see the situation!
While eating,Everyone talked about the little girl!
This matter has attracted the attention of the above,There was an investigation team in less than two hours after I left。
Directly passed the provincial level!