Evincent is not bored,Anyway, the two years of darkness were spent like this。

“Share a secret with you,I found a fun today,I’m going out!But before going out,I have to kill a few people,How to kill them?Is a problem!”
Ivincent takes care of himselfbang.Speak,Even slurred,Even if no one is paying attention to him,Evincent can still interact with people throughout the process,Self-entertainment。
“who am I?I’m Evincent!My toy is God armed,Paradise island,This world!These idiots actually told me about the lupus?Who is the Lupus?Kill them,I don’t have a sense of accomplishment,Only dirty my hands!”
The chains that bound Ivincent are constantly rustling,It’s like accompaniment for Evincent again。
in the dark,There is still no voice responding to Evincent,And Evincent can’t hide his interest。
Obviously after he found new fun,The whole person is in a good mood。
“And the old green dragon,Although it may still be useless,But now that I decided to start the game again,I always feel that I have to disgust him,Otherwise I feel uncomfortable。”
Evincent is like a pissed kid,I keep thinking about it。
“do you know?I don’t know how you look,I haven’t even heard your voice,But what I didn’t expect was,After seeing you for the first time two years ago,I would like you so much。Do you want me to take you out to play?”
in the dark,Evincent makes a whining sound most of the time,But he doesn’t find what he said is jerky and difficult to understand,He also firmly believes,What I said,Will be understood by another person in the dark。
that person,I just don’t want to respond to myself for the time being!
“Are you really planning to go out with me??The outside world is wonderful!But I can’t talk to you too much,Because i want to save energy。”
Evincent finished,Kept silent,Darkness returns to tranquility。
“I’m resting,Are you going to consider my proposal?”
shzhanxi. I was quiet for about thirty seconds in the dark,Evincent continued to speak enthusiastically,Regardless of whether your own voice can really express your own thoughts,Evincent is still working hard。