Vigorous!The jungle below is like being hit by a herd of bison,A road quickly separated from the forest,The trees on both sides fell down。

squeak!A Sirius spider was smashed by a knife,Boom on the spot。
obviously,This is a lost spider,And did not retreat to the crypt with the large forces,I still want to pick up something cheap on the ground,But was killed on the spot。
A team of brightly armored men and horses appeared at the foot of the mountain,Their marching goals are obvious,It is the north entrance of Chiyue Canyon on the mountainside。
Tu Shanming saw the menacing group of people below,Suddenly his face sank,Turned and ran towards the cave。
A moment later,The men and horses that flaunted their power below slew to the north entrance of Chiyue Canyon。
When I saw the north entrance, there were gods and people,Those newcomers have stopped,Staring at them with a strange look。
There is a bit of curiosity in this look,Kind of mockery,Even a bit of pity,But more disdain。
The remnants of the C group saw someone,Took a breath。
Because these new people,Too strong!
All forty levels,Everything is good equipment,Three occupations mixed,Clear division of labor,Although the number is not too large,Only fifteen people,But the combat power is absolutely crushing。
These are all members of the A group,And more than one gang,At least the core strength of the three gangs,Come together。
“Meet the A group,Just came to say hello?”Among these masters,The one headed laughed loudly。
This person shows up,The C members of the Aoki Club present were all nervous。
Because they recognize,He is the second person of the Aoki Society,Zhong Yeo。