Because I don’t know how many enemies are hidden in the dense forest opposite,What a powerful firepower,So there is only a dead end,Only rely on a master like Lu Menglin,Directly into the enemy line,Maybe everyone still has a chance。

Just entered the forest,Lu Menglin’s body shook,Several rounds of shooting,Raise one’s own perception to the most sensitive level,Pause time,How many enemies are in ambush in this dense forest,All the breath is clear。
Full of anger,Lu Menglin begins to fear the cat,Body volatility,Very fast underfoot,Seeing people is tearing off。
Those shooters who are just ordinary people,Can’t hold it under Lu Menglin,Any enemy caught by him,Severe hands and feet,Lose combat effectiveness,Heavy,Died on the spot。
Under Lu Menglin’s wandering and killing,Life in the dense forest quickly disappeared,The gunfire gradually weakened。
Lu Menglin killed dozens of gunmen in a row,It’s soft,Although he has a long pulse,Physical strength,But these are all fresh lives!
This is the first time he has committed such a big killing,I can’t help but feel a little uneasy,But seeing the tragedy on the mountain road outside,Saw those hit by guns,The golden triangle warrior who died,He’s fighting again,You must not spare these shamelessly attacking beasts!
Gunshots this sparse,The Golden Triangle fighters hiding behind the vehicle shelter took a breath,There are more than 20 people in their party,In the first round of blows just now,Unfortunately, eight people died,Two seriously injured,It’s really a heavy loss。
But fortunately, they are all fighters who have been fighting for many years in the Golden Triangle,Already bearish life and death,I was mentally prepared for such things as death。
Liu Niu’er, who just recovered his senses, looked very irritable,Because of his heartache!These are all the elite of the elite,Is his direct line,Inexplicably half dead in the chaos,Of course he will hurt。
Fortunately, Venerable Lu entered the forest to kill the enemy,Revenge for the brothers,This feeling of revenge on the spot,It also made Liu Niu’er and the remaining elite fighters a lot of comfort.。
Liu Niuer only blames himself for being careless,I thought A Jianglong was done,In Myanmar again,There shouldn’t be any problems,I don’t know but something went wrong。
“Few of you,To protect His Holiness’s family,If something happens to that woman,None of us can live!”Liu Niu’er waved his hand,Instructed the cronies around。
Only then did he realize,Be careful of the opponent’s plan to move the tiger away from the mountain,If something happens to Su Yi,,His Holiness is expected to go crazy,No one can bear the consequences。
Lucky,Su Yi was the first time the shooting happened,Was guarded by a few elite fighters,Hide behind one of the jeep,And there happened to be a big rock beside the road,Is a natural shelter,She is still safe。
but,Liu Niu’er’s face immediately became gloomy,Because after calming down a bit,He started to wonder,Who on earth has such courage,Dare to attack this convoy near the royal forbidden area?
at this time,The situation has changed again。
Deep in the forest,Suddenly there was a buzzing roar,From far to near。
People who have been in the army for a long time can hear it,That’s a special sound wave from the rotating propeller。