Emotion affects health

Emotion affects health

Emotional too much can cause illness.

Mainly refers to two situations: one is that the mood is too fluctuating, too intense, and often causes illness and hurts people; the other is that some emotions last too long, and too long, it will also hurt people.

The main effects are as follows: ○ Injury to the internal organs, “Internal Sutra” pointed out that “the mood is not dirty, it hurts the dirty”, indicating that emotional temperance will not hurt the visceral function.

The best is: “Angers hurt the liver, like sad, think of hurting the spleen, sadness of the lungs, fear of hurting the kidneys.

○Influencing the air machine, it is the fundamental form of the movement of the air. The functional activities and interconnections of the human body, the viscera, the blood, the blood and the body fluid depend on the movement of the air machine.

The emotional illness, the first is to disturb the air machine, and will cause the air machine to rise and fall abnormally, the air machine is stagnant, the operation is not smooth; causing, eliminating, slowing, chaos, is also a running obstacle of gas.

It can be seen that the impact of the seven emotions on the human body is very serious, and the occurrence of many diseases is related to the abnormality caused by the seven emotions.

  ○The blood may be too fearful, and the yin essence hidden in the five organs will lose its coordination and dissipate.

If you are overjoyed, the blood will be scattered and the blood will be poor.

In addition, excessive thinking can not only hurt the blood, but also affect the appetite, resulting in lack of blood and blood biochemistry, can be replaced by sperm.

  ○ Yin and Yang disorders “Nei Jing” believes that emotional passion can damage the Yin and Yang.

The book also said: “The big shock is fear, then the blood and blood are separated, and the yin and yang are broken.

“Yin and Yang are broken, that is, yin and yang disorders.

The coordination of yin and yang is the basic condition for maintaining human life activities. The Yin and Yang secrets, the spirit is alive, the yin and yang are separated, and the spirit is absolutely.”