Beijing Shijingshan Procuratorate boosts the disorderly construction of pension institutions

Original title: Shijingshan Procuratorate boosts the non-barrier-free construction of pension institutions (Reporter Lin Jing correspondent Cai Xia) "Beijing Accessible Environment Construction Ordinance will be implemented on November 1. Accessible environmental construction is an important part of economic and social development and active response to aging of population, and is also an important part of the construction of the elderly and livable environment.

Since the special operation of the non-barrier-free environmental construction procuratorate, Shijingshan District People’s Procuratorate has grown-to-focused environmental construction of non-barrier-free environment for focusing on pension service institutions while discriminating the construction of Shougang Winter Olympics, Winter Olympics Hotel and Some Roads in Some Roads in Winter Olympics. The main procurator-headed prosecutor personally handles cases to help pursue multiple pensional service institutions to carry out accessibility environment rectification.

  In response to a number of non-barrier-free environmental construction, the use of design specifications is not met, and the use of the elderly cannot meet the needs of the elderly. The Unbales of the United States and the industry authorities jointly held a round table, from the district disorder of the Shijingshan Procuratorate The action requirements, combined with the concept of prosecuting public welfare lawsuit "win-win and win-win win" and "implementation of public welfare purposes in prosecution is the best judicial status", the interpretation is reasonable, fully coordinated, condense all parties, and help endowment service bodies Environmental construction. After receiving the procuratorate, the industry authorities highly attached great importance to the rapid invitation of the disorderly-free special officer to conduct on-site guidance, clear rectification standards, and follow-up to ensure that the old-age service institution involved in accordance with the commitment time limit, according to standard requirements to complete the rectification Task; and other 22 pension services are also included in the 2021 non-barrier-free rectification work, and the overall promotion of non-barrier-free rectification work; establish and improve the supervision mechanism, from design construction to create new projects, from the included regular examination Construction of projects, strengthen the construction and maintenance of endowment service institutions. Shijingshan Procuratorate tracking supervision, through "look back" to review the problem point, and finally ensure that the rectification has been in place, and the elderly group can enjoy safe, convenient, comfortable accessible environment in the pension service organization.

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