Effective prevention of strokes

Effective prevention of strokes

Brain stroke is an acute disease caused by vascular diseases that transport blood to the brain.

It refers to patients with cerebrovascular disease, caused by various predisposing factors, such as rupture, occlusion or rupture of the brain, resulting in acute cerebral circulation disorder.

It is also a common disease among middle-aged and elderly people. Chinese medicine believes that the onset of stroke is closely related to wind, fire, phlegm, gas and blood.

  Stroke is a common refractory disease that seriously endangers human health and life.

It poses a great threat to human health and life, causes great suffering to patients, and has a heavy burden on families and society.

Therefore, fully understand the severity of stroke, improve the level of treatment and prevention of stroke, reduce the incidence of stroke, morbidity and mortality is a top priority.

  Medicinal tea can help prevent strokes. Let’s take a look at it together?
Prunella Cassia tea formula: 10 grams of Prunella vulgaris, 30 grams of cassia seed, 5 grams of green tea.

  Method: First, sort the cassia seed, wash it, dry it, then fry it to the yellow, remove it and grind it.

Wash the Prunella vulgaris, dry it, and put it in a large cup with cassia seed and green tea, and cover it for 15 minutes.

  Usage: When the tea is frequently mixed, it can usually be brewed 3?
5 times.

  Efficacy: Qinggan eyesight, laxative, lowering blood pressure.

Suitable for stroke patients and face redness, brain pain, eye pain, irritability, urinary yellow constipation, red tongue, thin yellow fur, pulse string to prevent stroke.

  Interpretation: Prunella vulgaris bitter cold, with clear liver fire, scattered stagnation, lowering blood pressure; cassia seed tastes bitter and bitter cold, there are liver and eyesight, the effect of laxative.

Both are shared with green tea, which has the function of calming the liver and yang, and purging the fire.

Especially suitable for high blood pressure, the card belongs to the intervention of “hepatic yang sputum”.

  Hawthorn drink formula: 30 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of Shichangpu.

  Method: First wash the two medicines into the cup, rush into the boiling water, and cover for 10 minutes.

  Usage: When tea.

  Efficacy: phlegm and phlegm, awake brains and collaterals.

Suitable for stroke patients and usually feel dizzy, such as the cover, chest tightness, conscious confusion, drowsiness, numbness of hands and feet, body fat, do not want to eat, tongue red fat or tooth marks, white furGreasy, pulse string slipper to prevent stroke.

  Interpretation: Hawthorn micro-temperature, sour and sugar, efficacy, digestion and stagnation, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, modern pharmacological research shows that the drug has lipid-lowering, blood pressure, and vasodilator effect; Shichangpu has a mild taste and is effective in revitalizing the nerves.Wet and stomach.

The combination of the two drugs has the functions of phlegm and phlegm, and refreshing the brain and collaterals. It is especially suitable for people who are obese and have high blood pressure and high blood fat.