Indifferent tranquility and health

Indifferent tranquility and health

People want to live longer and health, focus on indifference and tranquility, clear-mindedness, emotional stability; reasonable diet and diet; pay attention to the body’s “yang”; disease early treatment; appropriate exercise in five aspects.

  Every season, there is always a large group of people sick because of discomfort.

Especially for old friends, they are “ridden with illness” if they don’t pay attention.

How can I protect my health when the seasons alternate?

The reporter interviewed the former professor of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the famous Chinese medicine scientist Mr. Chen Chaozu.

Talking about his own way of health, Chen Lao believes that: people want to live longer and health, focus on tranquility, indifference, and emotional stability; diet is reasonable and therapeutic; pay attention to the body’s “yang”;Exercise five aspects.
  Indifferent to tranquility, clear-mindedness according to Professor Chen Chaozu: the first priority of health care, we must pay special attention to the spirit of nursed back to health, the spirit of self-defense, the peace of mind can be five internal organs.

The so-called indifference, quietness, and emotional stability means that things should be treated correctly, not with things, without sorrow, without fame and fortune, avoiding bad psychological conflicts, keeping the mind calm and not chaotic.

As “Su Wen asked the ancient naive theory” pointed out: “Spirit and less desire, peace of mind and not fear, work and tireless.

“Only in this way can we be motivated and motivated, and we will improve our physical fitness and longevity.”

  In addition, through the interest rate adjustment method, the numerical interest method, the preservation or the tacit method to achieve the “spiritual self-defense”, “God condensate gas” role, of which the interest rate adjustment method is the most commonly used method.

Chen Lao introduced, the so-called interest rate adjustment method, pay attention to adjust your breathing, make it deep, slow, fine, even, can be 1 time each morning and evening, at the time of adjustment, while closing your eyes, keeping the gods and breathing, keepThe combination of Tuen Mun Coordination brings together the sacred and sacred, and the benefits of physical health.

  Reasonable diet, good use of diet diet is the source of spleen and stomach metaplasia, for the whole body of blood and nourish the roots, but people eat all kinds of diseases, if the diet is not clean or unclean, light damage the spleen and stomach, but the loss of the five internal organs.
Modern people misunderstand the role of diet and diet therapy. They think that they should “eat well”, eat more “tonics”, and “high-protein foods”. The body will be good, but according to Chen’s experience, the diet is best to respect the “four seasons diet”.in principle.

  According to the climate characteristics of Chinese medicine, the diet therapy method is formulated to help people better adapt to climate change and achieve the purpose of regulating the body and promoting health.

If the autumn is more “dry”, it is better to eat less spicy food, suitable to eat Ganrun’s products, such as pears, white fungus, etc., combined with the characteristics of Sichuan’s “wet”, it is better to choose some products that are both moist and not greasy, such as lilyIn the winter, you should eat more warm food, such as angelica ginger stewed lamb, to help the body yang, improve the ability to keep out the cold.

  Taking care of the human body’s “yang” to protect the body’s yang is an important principle of TCM health rehabilitation.

Professor Chen Chaozu believes that to protect the yang, it is necessary to do the following: (1) Eat less cold and cold, the first thing is vulnerable to the spleen and stomach of the day after tomorrow, which affects the innate kidney yang, and causes the yang deficiency, so the dietBecause of the lack of attention to eat cold, some do not eat iced goods, do not gluttony melon and cold dishes.

  (2) Sleeping and lying sometimes, invigorating Yang Qi Chen believes that according to the theory of Neijing, spring should be laid up early and get up early. After getting up, you can walk and walk in order to conform to the spring yang, and the vigorous natural scene; autumn, overcastThe gas is getting stronger, the yang is getting more and more, and you should go to bed early and get up early, so that it should converge in the fall; in winter, the yin is very strong, you should sleep late and get up late, and follow the hidden air in winter.

  Early treatment of illnesses As early as 1800 years ago, in the “Golden Chambers” of the medical sage Zhang Zhongjing, it was clear that “the disease is not cured”, that is, in addition to learning to prevent illness, it is also very important to have early treatment.

Chen Laosu has been thin, but now there are no common diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, etc. in the elderly. He is also seriously ill and bedridden or hospitalized. According to him, this has always attached importance to his treatment.Raising rape and doing evil is a big relationship.

Therefore, he suggested that people, especially the elderly, should be healthy, not to eat more “tonics”, but to pay attention to the early treatment of small illnesses and minor pains, so as to avoid overcrowding and evidence.

Chen Laoxiao said that borrowing a buzzword is to “kill the cradle or the bud.”

  Appropriate exercise refers to appropriate exercise, including physical activity and mental exercise.

Chen Lao believes that “every hundred steps a day, to live ninety-nine”, he insisted on walking slowly for at least 1 kilometer every day, and at the same time with the adjustment of interest.

In addition, the scientific and rational use of the brain can prevent the brain from degenerating, thereby regulating the body’s function and keeping it strong.

The brain, like other organs in the body, is also used for retreat.

Diligent thinking, all kinds of beneficial thinking activities can make blood vessels often in a state of relaxation, maintain the nutrient supply of nerve cells, slow down brain degradation and prolong life.

Professor Chen suggested that reading and writing newspapers, writing articles, and brainstorming every day would help to activate brain cells and prevent brain degeneration.