How to prevent obesity by controlling diet?

How to prevent obesity by controlling diet?

In order to prevent and prevent the occurrence of food, we must first properly control the amount of food intake, especially for simple obesity.

Such patients, especially sorghum and high-carbohydrate diets, should be strictly controlled. Dietary conditions, including eating habits, quality and quantity should be adjusted.

For those with mild to moderate obesity, you should try your best to reduce the amount of extra food, and hope to achieve weight loss every half month?
2 kg until the normal standard weight is reached.

  For those with moderate or higher obesity, the appetite is often hyperthyroidism, and people who eat more high-metabolism foods cannot control themselves. At the same time, because obesity restricts the person who performs manual labor, the artificial method should be used to limit the diet.

Estimated daily doses from the patient’s age, length and activity, a further reduction of 3,347 on the basis of the original.

4184 joules (800?
1000 cards).

It usually starts from about 6276 joules (1500 calories) per day, and then adjusts according to the patient’s weight change and other reactions to reduce by 0 per week.

l kg body weight is most suitable.

In the first week, due to the body water, the salt was lost at the same time, the weight loss was reduced, and then it became stable.

The daily protein content of the food should be in excess of the standard weight of 1 gram per kilogram.

If the patient’s kidney function is good, the protein intake can be slightly increased to increase the body’s special kinetic effect on food, that is, increase its consumption of transformation.

In addition, the amount of sugar should be controlled, the amount of sugar should be strictly controlled, and salt should be controlled.

If possible, you should arrange a small amount of food for several times, and you can eat five or six meals a day to reduce the calorie food such as vegetables in your diet to reduce the patient’s fatigue.

After several weeks of observation, if the weight loss is not satisfactory, the calorie in the food can be reduced to 4,184 per day?

8 joules (1000?
12000 cards) or higher.

When the calorie drops too much, the patient often has symptoms such as weakness, fatigue and chills.

The above is to reduce the heat card to prevent or control the excess by controlling the diet, which can reduce the chance of occurrence of gallstones.