Detoxification, hot bitter gourd juice

Detoxification, hot bitter gourd juice

Bitter melon is gradually becoming a favorite health food, both cold and fried.

Chinese medicine experts suggest that as a reconstituted vegetable in the late spring, the use of bitter gourd juice or tea, the effect of detoxification and antipyretic is better.

  Jin Xianchun, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University, said that traditional Chinese medicine believes that bitter food is a good medicine for reducing fire. New research has also found that abalone, almonds, bitter tea and other bitter foods contain alkaloids.A bitter substance such as urea, which has the effect of relieving heat and relieving fatigue.

  Jin Shengchun introduced that there is an active protein with obvious anti-cancer effect in bitter gourd. This protein can stimulate the defense function of the immune system in the body, increase the activity of immune cells, and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

He said that although the bitter gourd tastes slightly bitter, but the aftertaste is sweet, whether it is burning, frying or cold salad, soup, as long as the bitter gourd can be cooked and without losing the “cyan”, can achieve the purpose of fire.

  Jin Shengchun recommended a number of alternative ways of eating bitter gourd, which are more effective for detoxification and antipyretic.

First, eat cold bitter gourd, simmer the bitter gourd in boiling water, add water after adding water.

The second is to soak the bitter gourd tea, cut the bitter gourd into pieces, and call it directly.

The third is to squeeze the bitter gourd juice, and use the juicer to directly convert the bitter gourd juice.

He said that you can produce bitter gourd juice to make the body absorb a lot of bitter gourd active ingredients quickly. However, in order to not taste too bitter, you can first soak bitter gourd with salt water, so you can get rid of some bitterness.