Emperor Green,No introduction,Everyone knows,Incredible green,It’s so green that it’s oily,You can see the pleasant color from the bottom of your heart。

Then there is Sungreen,Is that kind of green,With a hint of yellow,It seems to be the color of leaves sprouting,Can feel a vibrant color,Second only to emperor green。
Subsequently,Is spinach green、Apple green etc.。”
“Ice seed,Good is good,But the price is too……”Ge Tian looked at the reserve price,More than three million。
Want to win at last,I’m afraid it will cost more than 30 million,Even 40 million is more safe。A piece of wool,Thirty or forty million,Not everyone can bear it。
Even Song’s jewelry,The budget this time is only more than 20 million,Not enough to buy this wool。
This material,I can only watch drooling。Destined to be something rich,Not bought by the rich,Just fall into the pocket of a big jewelry store。
“Brother,How about this piece?”Xin Zhao asked。
Populus Scroll、Flip the rough,Watched for a while。He mainly wants to see through from all angles,After all, this material is too thick,Perspective from one side,Can’t finish。
Even if it’s a few faces together,I couldn’t see through it all。
Open the window side,See through,Can see about three centimeters of jade。I don’t seem to see the shadow of emerald on the other side,then,Hu Yang said:“A bit risky,If more than one thousand universal bids,That’s almost the same。”
“Ok!Row,Then fill in 15 million,Forget it。”Xin Zhao said obediently。
Fatty Zhao waits for Hu Yang to give way,He also went up to observe for a while。Compared to Populus,His actions seem to be more professional,Almost lying on the stone to study。
Especially looking at those small windows for three or four minutes,I kept thinking about something in my heart。
At last,He raised his head,Looked at Populus with a strange look,Secretly think:Where did this guy come out?Never heard of it before,This betting ability,A little scary!
Although I came to a similar conclusion,But Populus euphratica takes almost half of the time,And not like him,A hard operation,Look calm,Judge。
Discerning person,At first glance, you know that Hu Yang is better than him。