Fat sun, eat, drink and lose weight

Fat sun, eat, drink and lose weight

With the improvement of living standards, the “Little Sun” have been doubled by parents.

Eat fine food and drink dessert drinks.

There is no limit to the amount of food, and snacks are constant, lest they are not full.

Obvious meat, ignoring vegetarian food, frying fried, seafood game, precious tonics, nutritional products, all kinds of products; living in the building, walking in and out of the car, the amount of exercise is seriously insufficient.

This kind of eating high concentration, low speed consumption, there are many “fat sun”, the result is that children produce obesity.

  How to make obese children no longer too obese?

  In the Chinese medicine parenting paper, it is pointed out that children should accept “three thirst and cold”.

It means to say, don’t feed the child too full, don’t let the children’s metabolic burden be too heavy, the children’s clothes should not be too tight, so that children’s activities are convenient and metabolism is enhanced.

Therefore, the child maintains a slight sense of drought and a sense of cold in the body, which is conducive to the rehabilitation of the child, and the metabolism of the body is strong.

As light as a swallow, the activity is smart, the consumption will increase, and the muscles will be exercised.

Therefore, children’s diet should be three meals a day, regular quantitative, eat less sweets and greasy things; eat less snacks, eat more foods rich in cellulose, such as vegetables, beans, fruits and so on.

Advocate more walking and increase the amount of exercise.

In the usual diet, parents can also give some health care soup and food.

Some varieties are listed here for reference.

  Beverage class 1 hawthorn iced sugar water.

Take 10 grams of raw hawthorn, 6 grams of rock sugar, Jianshui, often drink.

  2 kelp words plum water.

Choose 50 grams of kelp, 8 words of plum, add 400 ml of water, boil for temperature, and deliver in parts.

  3 lotus leaves and water.

Take a piece of fresh lotus leaf paper, 50 grams of raw coix seed, add 500 ml of water, boil water, and deliver it in several times.

  Soup class 1 winter melon seaweed soup.

150 grams of fresh winter melon (with skin), 50 grams of kelp, add some water, cook soup.

  2 corn cabbage dry soup.

Take 100-150 grams of fresh corn, 50 grams of dried cabbage, and 100 grams of fresh pork bone.

Wash the three, add a proper amount of water to the casserole, and simmer the soup.

  3 soy kelp soup.

50 grams of fresh soybeans, 30 grams of kelp, 100 grams of fresh pork bones, after washing the three, put the same in the casserole, first use the medium fire, then use the simmer to cook the soup, seasoned and put.

  Flavor 1 celery mixed with sea bream.

Choose 250 grams of fresh celery, 100 grams of sea bream (water bubble), 10 grams of shrimp.

Wash the celery first, cut the sea bream, and puff the shrimp.

Then simmered in the water.

Mix the three foods together, add vinegar, MSG and salt, mix well.

  2 Soy sprouts fried with leeks.

Choose 50 grams of fresh bean sprouts and 50 grams of fresh leeks.

First, the bean sprouts are first removed to the soybean hulls, and the leeks are cut into small pieces. Then the two foods are placed in a wok, fried in medium heat, and added with a proper amount of flavoring.

  3 fried peas bean sprouts.

Choose 150 grams of fresh pea sprouts, wash and add appropriate amount of flavorings and vegetable oil, put in iron pan, stir fry with medium heat.

  In general, for obese children’s diet, under the substitute of sufficient protein, vitamins and inorganic salts, appropriate increase of cellulose-containing foods, appropriate control of high-transfer foods, try to avoid eating sweets and oils and fats;Eat less at dinner, do not eat snacks before going to bed, increase activities properly, sleep time should not be too long.If you can do this, the obesity in children will improve.