“July 15,My birthday。”
Liao Jie put the shoulders of Zhou Xingxing,Gringer:“I see,You are to send red envelopes,right?”
“No bar,You yesterday birthday,Why didn’t you tell me?,Are you carrying me, please guests??”
ItAlso just know!
“Small birthday,Lazy,I didn’t say it.。”
Liao Jie brought,Do not still:“Although I didn’t say,I haven’t dundane it.,But this does not affect my red envelope,Am I right?”
“Stop it,Please eat red envelopes。”
Zhou Xingxing strongly shook his head,Swift:“Jiege,I remember that you have said,You have a great master,He taught you。”
“Yes,So I have to turn off。”
“Great,In fact, this is the case.,Last night, our police holders haunted”
Zhongyuan Festival,The police station suddenly overtake,I also bought a big pile of paper people.。
Zhou Xingxing came to first arrived very much,Ask a colleague to know,It turns out that deep water is a long time.,Has been charged with the British army in Hong Kong,Rexus,Changed by neon people to concentration battles。
Later neon surrender,There is a group of neon people collective suicide,Local people are afraid that they are dead or not,I will burn paper money on holidays.。
Burnt,Burned into a habit,I didn’t change it now.。
Zhou Xingxing heard the lazy evaluation,Spend a few hundred pieces in exchange for everyone to work,Although it is a habit,Very value。
Then he is curious and sincere,I think about the currency of the heaven and earth bank this year.,Will you really have a ghost?。
After all, I just want to think about it.,Not put into action,But his curiosity is really coming.,Take the progress of the overtime that night,Looking at people in the backyard of the police station。
Never want to,The police station really made a spiritual event,A prisoner is close to no reason,I found him in the middle of the night.。
Day just bright,Two police officers said that the prisoner did not,Because he is sunned by the sun,Just become flying gray。
According to two police officers,How do they trial prisoners in the night?,Who is the party?。
As a result, the prisoner said that he hits his ghost.,Books with ghosts into ghosts,Two police officers do not believe,Pull out the prisoner to the sun,I don’t know if it is a man or a devil’s prisoner.。
Of course,If you accept that pile ash is a prisoner,Others are still。
“Jiege,Things is like this,What do you think?”
“I have seen this.。”
Liao Jie shook his head:“According to the story you talk,The biggest biggest is the two police officers,It is not allowed to be the same party of the prisoner.,Deliberately run people,Then edited a ghost story。”
“No bar,I think they are very honest.。”
Say,Zhou Xingxing took a picture paper:“You see here,When they tried their prisoners,I also painted a picture of the party.。”
The same party in Zhou Xingkou,Is the evil ghost in the prison,I bite his evil door to work。
“You take the certificate out of the police.?”
“how is this possible,I am copying,Is it very artistic??”