How to massage the abdomen to relieve bloating

How to massage the abdomen to relieve bloating

Kneeling in the abdomen, very close to the spleen and stomach.

Chinese medicine has a principle of selecting acupoints, which is called “entering the selection of the door”, meaning that the points around the patient are nearby and selected.

Zusanli is located under the outer knee and four horizontal fingers, the upper bone edge.

Underneath the upper coaxial bone, the bump (vertical bone lateral iliac crest) can be touched, becoming further outward, obliquely below, and another bump (small head).

The two blocks of the shin are connected to the bottom edge as an equilateral triangle.

The apex of the equilateral triangle is the foot of Sanli.

Pressing for 6 seconds will leave the hand once and repeat 10 times to promote gastric acid secretion and relieve pain.

Four slits to eliminate food, special points for chemical accumulation.

The four slits are the collective name of the four acupoints.

They are located at the midpoint of the horizontal stripes at the intersection of the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, first finger and second finger joint of the little finger.

The four slits were originally used by doctors to treat children’s digestive problems, and it was later confirmed that adult use of four seams is also very good.

So in the future, as long as you encounter problems with indigestion, you can find four seams to solve, massage on the line, the effect is amazing.

Located in the lower end of the sternum and one-half of the navel, the lieutenant is a very important acupuncture point in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

About the palm of the navel.

Sit back and relax your muscles. While slowly exhaling, press down with your fingers. Leave your hands for 6 seconds and repeat 10 times to make your stomach feel comfortable.

When you have a stomachache, you can use a finger pressure method to massage the acupoints.